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Focke Meler Gluing Solutions

Focke Meler Gluing Solutions

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Focke Meler Gluing Solutions is an international group with more than 30 years experience in developing and producing adhesive application systems. We operate through wholly owned subsidiaries in Spain, France, Germany and Italy and an international network of long time partners. Where ever you are, Focke Meler always provides you with best solutions for your requirements respecting international quality and safety standards.
Our values:
- perfect adhesive application
- energy efficiency
- easy to operate
- compact measurements
- maximum standardisation
- easy service and maintenance


Product news

  • Discover the new Meler applicators for coating and swirl applications

    Designed to be able to be used even in the most compact spaces, the size and number of applicator modules can be configured to achieve the range and strokes necessary for each application (with a maximum width of 550 mm).
    Their compact size and lighter weight allow for faster heating, providing thermal stability at every adhesive output and maintaining the swirl air at an ideal temperature for the application. This all translates into greater energy efficiency, and consequently cost savings.

    Thanks to their reversible nozzle, which allows them to be mounted in the desired position and direction for coating, these applicators adapt to the requirements of your production line. Their size can also be adapted to achieve the necessary range and width. The maximum width is 1000 mm.
    Their high-speed cut-off system provides a fast and perfectly clean cut-off at the end of the application.


  • PC StarBI: the new Meler pattern controller with a touchscreen

    Its 7” touchscreen lets you browse simply, and quickly and easily program using its intuitive user interface. The screen shows all the necessary information for browsing through its menu and configuring the unit depending on the needs of each user.
    Thanks to its large memory and advanced programming it can memorise up to 100 products. This gives it greater flexibility in preparing the different solutions that may be needed.
    It has multiple outputs so it can be easily integrated into the system: USB port to update the software and make backup copies, and Modbus and Profibus communications for controlling the product that will be produced.
    The PC StarBI comes in three versions depending on the number of programming channels: 2, 4 or 6. Moreover, this pattern controller can configure the product by times or by distances, and define if it is variable or repetitive, thus offering multiple configurations to adapt to the customer’s needs.


  • Do you know where Meler is in a packaging process?

    This time, however, we wanted to show you how Meler products satisfy application needs in the packaging and labeling sector, a world we’re closely connected to.
    Put your trust in Meler and enjoy our advantages:
    Maximum quality at the best price: Thanks to our know-how, we always offer the highest quality solutions, not to mention the best features, at attractive prices.
    Customised solutions: We adapt to each client’s specific needs, taking action when you need it and ensuring the fastest delivery times.
    Specialized global assistance: We offer pre-sales and post-sales technical service, a wide network of distributors, and professional technical assistance around the world.
    Extensive experience in this field and our strong personal commitment to R&D gives confidence and security in all applications. See our website to discover which Meler product best suits your needs.


  • PRODUCTS Meler’s range of hoses is growing, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your needs

    An example of this is our range of heated hoses which, up until now, offered standard and anti-moisture models, but now also includes narrow outer diameter (30 mm) models, ideal for areas where space is an issue, as well as reinforced mesh hoses, designed for more aggressive environments where extra protection is a must.
    All our hoses offer various temperature sensor options, namely the Pt100, NTC and Ni120, and come in lengths ranging from 0.6 to 14 metres (depending on the inner diameter).
    Thanks to our meticulous manufacturing process, all Focke Meler hoses are energy-efficient due to their outstanding insulation capacity, as well as being flawlessly reliable and robust.


  • 2018: A year that set new challenges for 2019

    At the end of 2018, we launched an ambitious plan to lay the groundwork for the new Meler headquarters in Pamplona. This new building has been designed to offer maximum human comfort and is being built with technology aimed at protecting the environment and conserving energy, all with the goal of reducing the impact of our ecological footprint.

    Moreover, we expanded our range of products with new launches: the automatic feeder, the new versions of our hoses in different finishes to adapt to your production line, and different versions of our coating rollers, among others. Additionally, we are entering the world of Industry 4.0 with our PC StarBI pattern controller.


    In the first half of the year, we will also launch a new control platform: Micron+, the hotmelt unit with Micron technology and a built-in touch screen, developed to be able to control the unit more easily and intuitively. It will serve as our pathway into the Industry 4.0.


  • Innovation builds the future

    What kind of R&D projects does Meler take on?
    At Meler, we have a purely customer-oriented focus and pay particular attention to customer enquiries either through our commercial network or TAS, providing new solutions and designs.

    The same thing happens with our new software as happens with the apps on current devices. For instance, when we design a new feature for a particular customer, the rest of our customers have the opportunity to use it, so the product is constantly improving.

    How is Meler positioned for Industry 4.0?
    Industry 4.0 promotes greater man-machine cooperation. We have recently completed some projects, scheduled to appear this month, which already include connectivity and usability improvements, so we are squarely positioned.

    Also, there are more projects underway for launching next year that will increase our participation in this field. Industry 4.0 is a long-distance race.