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Zwager Techniek BV / Fresh & Pack services B.V.

Zwager Techniek BV / Fresh & Pack services B.V.


1948RC Beverwijk

Zwager Techniek is a fast growing importer of high-quality packaging machines for food, non-food, pharmaceutical and technical-/chemical products.

From our Office with own workshop in Beverwijk, we supply a wide range of packaging systems for various industries.

We are very successful in our way of working, in particular by intensive cooperation with our well-known manufacturers with extensive experience and through our project management with optimal after-sales service.

Zwager Techniek delivers both new and used plants. Our product range consists of:
* Blister machines and thermoform systems
* Flow packers and flow pack systems
* Seal machines
* Tray Skin machines
* Hi-tech stickpack machines
* Vertical filling machines
* Doypack stand-up pouch machines
* Carton Packaging machines and Case Packing systems

The new installations are designed and built to your specification in our factories. Used machines are first completely checked over and if necessary/desired adapted to your needs.

It is also possible to rent with us various machines for short or longer term. With our stock of used machines we are quickly able to offer the machine that you are looking for.

We have our own technical service responsible for the installation and aftercare. We guarantee a fast service and supply of parts.

Fresh & Pack Services B.V. offers a complete solution for packaging materials, this includes: consulting, design, overall lithography, payoff and finish to the desired end product.

Fresh & Pack Services 'relieves' customers by guiding them from A to Z in the entire process.

It then goes on deploying unprinted- or printed rolls in single or multilayer barrier foils or a ready-made packaged as a doypack, special shape bag or the latest version of the square bottom bag.


Product news

  • SCHIB flowpackmachines

    At the Empack Den Bosch SCHIB presents the new CO50 with full servo control. This machine is suitable for flow packs of a diversity of products.

    The SCHIB CO50 stands out for its compact machine design and quick menu driven set-up possibility. This flexible machine series is available in speeds from 50 to 200 packs per minute; in short, ideal for smaller companies or with high speed application, with or without automatic entry.

    SCHIB is next to the food segment also strong in packing of non-food products such as plastic cutlery, technical products or flowers. The machines can be used for all sorts of products.


  • INV pack stickpackmachines

    INVpack is the new neame for INEVER, a specialist in Stickpackmachines, INEVER has a wide program stickpackmachines and product capabilities.

    The choice is for the customer depending on the desired output and application. For example for the pharmaceutical market there is a special machine developed, which is GMP built.

    At the Empack is shown the stickpackmachine 'INEVER BY'-series. From a role foil are cut various strips that are formed into a stick. The advantage of stickpacks compared to sachets is that this handy, tightly around the product and foil saving.

    Each stickpackmachine is able to run different types of dosing systems for granules, for example a servo-controlled, for fine powders cupfiller wormdosages and piston pumps for liquids; the fields of application are: instant coffee, bouillon powders, sugars, creamers, mayonnaise, ketchup, but also pharmaceutical products such as acetaminophen or special gels.