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33200 Tampere

Toptunniste is among leading technology companies in Finland creating intelligence to logistics and industrial processes with automatic identification. With Toptunniste RFID solutions, clients enhance their productivity and competitiveness and get better results.

Toptunniste innovative technology solutions and expertise serve many business sectors, such as logistics, supply chain management, manufacturing and services. Our clients in Finland and Europe include over 100 large to middle size companies, such as Finavia, Würth, Snellman, Lindström Group, Lojer, Tigar Tyres, Certego and many more. Enhancing efficiency in operations through automation is common to all solutions, which are mainly based on RFID & NFC technology. Customer’s needs are met by using also other identification technologies, such as 2D/3D barcodes.

Toptunniste solutions are based on ready-made RFID Platform, which is easily customized for various data collecting needs. The solution enables quick pilots and easy system deployment, since there is no need for experiments. The solution is already in use in many demanding environments. The system deployment is standardized, risks minimized, and solution is scalable and cost-effective.

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