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Identoi Oy, iSoft.ai Oy - Sovelluskehittäjät Ryhmä


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We are an agile and experienced partner, covering the entire application development path from design to implementation, in a reliable and solution-driven way. Sovelluskehittäjät Group consists of three companies specialising in IT. Deveteam Oy, Isoft.ai Oy and Identoi Oy offer a service range which includes the services every customer needs for any part or stage of application development.

Our services include mobile logistics apps, AI solutions, such as different chatbots and voice solutions, and advanced IoT systems for more efficient production. Our customer-driven consultation service helps your company to deploy different applications.

Logistics applications
Our mobile Celesta apps range from storage management and internal logistics solutions to transportation and logistics control solutions, designed for drivers and transportation planners. Celesta boosts your operations!

Application development services
Our application developers work as part of your company’s development team, if required. In this way, you can get the most out of our expertise, we are able to quickly react to any changes and everything stays on schedule.

AI solutions
We offer software solutions that use artificial intelligence for companies and public organisations. Our AI consultation service tells you how you can define the opportunities of AI in your business operations.

Internet of Things
Our smart and efficient IoT systems allow us to serve our customers in diverse ways. Wireless monitoring boosts operations, reduces wastage and improves quality.


Product news

  • E.T.Listat Oy enhances their internal logistics with the Identoi real-time inventory program

    E.T.Listat Oy is boosting productivity with a real-time internal logistics solution by Identoi Oy.

    "Every year we process approximately 20 million metres of construction mouldings, panels and floorboards. With our internal logistics solution we will be able to direct and monitor the production, collection and delivery of our customer orders in a transparent way," says Raine Luukko, managing director of E.T.Listat Oy. He continues: "Our co-operation with Identoi is working well. They have quickly adapted their products to match our needs.”

    The sales team of the E.T.Listat Oy sees, in real time, the progress of customer orders in the production and supply chain. Completion of products in the planing and painting lines automatically creates transfer tasks to the system for the forklift operators. The forklift operators see, either on a map or a list, the production line on which there are new transport tasks to be done. Each forklift operator confirms the start and the completion of each transport task.

    Customer orders are collected and delivered per the delivery direction basis. The stock workers collect customer orders in a modern logistics hall using low collection forklifts fitted with a 10" touch screen computer and wireless BT barcode reader. The system informs the collector of the storage locations where the product to be collected can be found.

    The waybills are to be sent electronically to the transport operator through the Consigor interface. The transport operator may confirm the delivery to the client via a special driver interface created for a smart phone.

    The stock management solution of E.T.Listat Oy is based on Identoi's browser-based Celesta Plan and Celesta Mobile -products. The solution is connected to the iScala ERP system via an interface.

  • DB Schenker manages transports with Identoi’s Celesta solution

    DB Schenker uses Identoi’s Celesta mobile solution to manage transports of all its nearly 1,400 short and long distance vehicles in Finland. The Celesta technology speeds up transport-related data transfer and makes it more reliable. The Celesta mobile solution is used to transfer and sign off the data of nearly 40,000 delivery and pick up assignments.

    Juha Uusitorppa of DB Schenker states about Identoi's Celesta Plan and Mobile solution for pickup and delivery, ”The data transfer between our production management and trucks is fully real time. Celesta improves our customer service as we can, for example, send pick-up assignments from our customers during the same day directly to our trucks”, states Mr. Juha Uusitorppa, System manager at Schenker Cargo.

    Efficient daily work
    Drivers use the Celesta solution in pick-ups and deliveries as well as to enter their working hours. With Celesta, the daily work is more efficient. When logging in, drivers automatically receive the planned pick-ups to their mobile devices. This way the drivers can take note of the day’s pick-ups already when loading the deliveries.

    An easy-to-use application prevents errors
    The Celesta solution is very ergonomic. Drivers can use their fingers for pointing – a stylus is not needed. Selection lists in the application minimize the number of errors. Preventing errors in the entry phase improves the quality of the data and decreases the amount of work in production control and billing.

    Electronic signatures
    If defined in the delivery order, the driver asks for an electronic signature from the customer. The signature is entered to the screen of the mobile device. The electronic signature is sent to the back-office system in connection with the delivery confirmation.

  • Ruukki Construction improves customer service with Identoi’s delivery tracking solution

    Ruukki Construction Oy has deployed a delivery tracking solution in Finland and Poland based on Identoi’s Celesta Plan and Mobile products. The solution gives a real time view of Ruukki Construction’s delivery operations and enables better customer service.

    ”Now we can give more accurate information of delivery times to our customers via SMS-messages. We in our logistics can see on the real time map the actual location of our subcontractors’ trucks and communicate with them ”, states Mr Janne Latvala, Logistic Manager at Ruukki Construction and he continues “The project has been a success in Finland”.

    The logistics persons monitor the status of all shipments (trucks) in real time on the map. They have accurate information how delivery is proceeding. The drivers have Android tablets or phones running Celesta mobile web application. Logistics planners can also send messages to driver and assign backhaul orders to the trucks which have finished their route.

    Celesta Plan system is interfacing with Ruukki’s SAP system over the web service interface.


  • Product identification using computer vision – Case Lappset

    A year and a half ago, Lappset, a manufacturer of various products for playgrounds and playgrounds, approached iSoft with the challenge of speeding up and automating the maintenance of their products. The developed solution is a combination of product photography with artificial intelligence-based image recognition technology.

    Lappset's goal was to facilitate browsing and maintenance of about five hundred different playground-related products. Lappset wanted to make it easy for its partners, customers and Lappset employees to order spare parts, related maintenance or other Lappset products.

    After developing the algorithms, iSoft offered Lappset the first concept,
    Concept results were encouraging and building a machine vision based service was possible. Eventually, the solution was developed as part of the enterprise ERP system, Spare Parts Search, which is based on machine vision solutions.

    In practice a service technician can take a photograph of a broken playground swing and upload it to a web site for machine vision based mobile application. After that, the application uses artificial intelligence to tell what product is in the picture and suggests a suitable spare part. With the click of a button, the user can immediately place an order for spare parts from the Lappset spare parts catalog.


  • Lappset Group Oy boost the productivity in their picking and packing with Celesta WMS solution

    Sovelluskehittäjät Ryhmä auttaa Lappset Group Oy:tä merkittävässä keräily- ja pakkausprosessin muutoksessa. Sovelluskehittäjät toimittaa Lappset Group Oy:lle Celesta tuotteeseensa pohjautuvan keräilyjärjestelmän, joka tukee Lappsetin toiminnan kehittämistä. Muutoksen tavoitteena on keräily- ja pakkaustoiminnan tehostaminen poistamalla turhia välivaiheita tuotteiden varastoinnin osalta.

    Uusi järjestelmä auttaa tasapainottamaan eri työtehtäviä parantamalla työjonojen ohjausta ja seurantaa. Tämän avulla voidaan myös vähentää turhia työtehtäväkohtaisia odotustilanteita. Celesta -keräilyjärjestelmä helpottaa tuotteiden keräilyä ja pakkausta samalla mahdollistaen tuotteiden seurattavuuden niiden koko elinkaaren osalta.

    Työntekijät tulevat käyttämään keräilyssä ja pakkaamisessa viivakoodinlukijalla varustettuja käsipäätteitä ja trukkeihin kiinteästi asennettuja päätteitä. Järjestelmä liitetään Lappset Groupin IFS -toiminnanohjausjärjestelmään API-rajapintojen kautta.