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Ishida is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of complete weighing and packing line solutions for the food industry.
With an installed base of in excess of 100,000 industrial machines worldwide, covering a huge number of applications, Ishida are the undisputed world market leader for multihead weighers and one of the leading suppliers of traysealers, snack food bagmakers, x-ray-inspection systems, checkweighers, weigh-price-labellers, seal- and leak detectors, vision systems as well as a world-class supplier of complete turnkey solutions for snacks, poultry, meat, fish, ready meals, vegetables and many dry foods.

Ishida’s product range now includes:
• Traditional multihead weighers
• Fresh Food and Screw Feeder Weighers for sticky and fragile products
• Cutgate weighers for granular products
• Snackfood bagmakers
• Traysealers
• X-ray inspection systems
• Checkweighers and Weigh-Price-Labellers
• Seal / leak testers with integrated vision systems
• Pick-and-place systems


Product news


    The Polarica factory in Rovaniemi, Northern Finland slaughters up to 20,000 reindeers and butchers 1,200 tonnes of reindeer and game meat per annum, supplying both fresh and frozen meat for the retail and foodservice sectors.

    The fresh and frozen meat is weighed and packed into a wide variety of bag sizes from 30g to 2.5kg. Because elks are hunted, a particular quality check requirement for the elk meat is to detect any shot remaining after cut up. While a metal detector would also be suitable, plant manager Kalle Huhtamella says that the Ishida x-ray systems provide a much higher level of sensitivity.

    "The water content in fresh meat is a particular challenge for metal detectors," he explains. "The fluid resonates in the detector's magnetic field and this can signal the presence of a foreign object to the machine. The metal detector therefore has to be calibrated to remove this problem, but this also reduces its overall detection effectiveness.

    "X-ray systems are not affected by this and at the same time are also able to detect other potential foreign objects such as glass, dense plastic, and bone. This additional versatility is of huge benefit in helping us to meet the stringent quality standards of our customers."

    A second Ishida IX-GA-4075 is inspecting sealed packs of sliced processed meat in pack sizes from 80g to 600g.

    "The Ishida x-ray provides the perfect final quality check for the finished packs,” says Kalle. “We are able to screen for any foreign bodies from the raw material used in the manufacture of these products, and for any other objects in the unlikely event that they accidentally find their way into the packs during the processing and packing operation."

    "The Ishida x-ray systems are our models of choice," confirms Kalle. "They are simple to calibrate and work continuously and reliably”.


    Thanks to the speed and accuracy of the automated system, handling up to 40 trays per minute with product giveaway of less than 1%, Fresh Servant is achieving around 350 trays per employee per hour compared to 150 when the operation was carried out manually.

    The Ishida line has enabled Fresh Servant to meet growing demand for complete salad ready meals for on-the-go consumption with added ingredients such as chicken, tuna and cheese. The line comprises tray denesters, feeding systems into three multihead weighers, special deposit systems to place ingredients into the trays, a tray sealer and combined metal detector and checkweigher.

    The line is handling tray sizes between 220g and 370g at around 35-40 packs per minute.

    The line is in operation for two shifts per day, six days a week, typically handling three different salad varieties during each shift. Changeovers can be carried out easily with new pack specifications called up at the touch of a button on the Remote Control Unit. The line undergoes a thorough clean at the end of each day, where the robust and open design of the Ishida equipment allows a fast and comprehensive wash down. In particular, contact parts of the weighers can be removed and cleaned using a purpose-built wash wall on the weigher gantry.

    “As well as the excellent performance of the equipment, Ishida is great company to work with,” comments Sten Snellman, Fresh Servant’s Technical Manager. “We enjoy a positive working partnership, and this helped to ensure a fast and smooth installation, with high levels of advice and support throughout.”

    “The Ishida line has made a major contribution to our ability to meet growing demand for our ranges of convenience salads,” confirms Fresh Servant CEO Sami Haapasalmi.