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Auraprint Oy


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Auraprint is the largest and best-known labels printing house in Finland. We are a modern author and pioneer for example in food and beverage labels.
We are a diverse, innovative, and investing - we want to offer our customers the best expertise of the industry.


Product news

  • me&aura - Auraprint Oy's online service

    me&aura functionalities:
    - all files of the already printed products are easy to find, as well as the technical information of the products
    - review of order history and prices
    - examination of the progression of the orders
    - print proofs through the portal; all the comments made to proofs will remain on the portal
    - order creation

  • Shrink Sleeve Labels give packaging a new look

    Auraprint was the first Finnish printing house to start printing shrink sleeves — as early as 2010. Experience has shown that the best end result is achieved when the bottle and its visual appearance are initially designed to support sleeving.
    The advantage of labels which shrink around a bottle or package lies in their large printing area: the products stand out visually and contain plenty of information. Shrink-sleeve labels which extend up over a bottle cap or lid also act as a seal. We manufacture eye-catching and functional shrink-sleeve labels for a range of products. We have experience with shrink-sleeve printing materials, printing, sealing and shrinking.