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2627 Schelle

GH-Ulma has existed for over 50 years and produces packaging machines for flowpack (horizontal and vertical), deep drawing, stretch film, tray sealing, robot loading, caseloading, palletising and bundling.

As a specialist in packaging solutions we offer a wide range of custom-made machines by means of 6 different techniques: Flow Pack (HFFS), Vertical (VFFS), Traysealing (Mondini), Thermoforming, Stretch and Shrink wrap. All our packaging machines can be equipped with a robotic loading system. We can also offer various end-of-line systems. This makes GH-ULMA the partner for your total-line solution in the food, medical and non-food industry.

GH Ulma is official representative and distributor of the following manufacturers: Ulma - see above - www.ulmapackaging.com
G. Mondini - tray seal / dispensers / lids (only in Belux) - www.gmondini.com
Ravenwood - linerless labeling technology - www.ravenwood.co.uk
Schröter - Cooking, baking, climbing, climating, smoke, hot smoke, intensive cooling, defrosting, pasteurising and afterburning installations- www.schroeter-technologie.de


Product news

  • ULMA Packaging launches revolutionary technology for herbs and leaf produce

    A radical new vertical form fill and seal system (VFFS) has been launched by ULMA Packaging that can transform the packing of fresh herbs and light leaf salads, to save producers time, money and reduce manual intervention to a minimum during the packing process.

    The patent-pending VTI 640 V VFFS solution designed by ULMA uses a device that pulls the product down to the bottom of the bag (with air) at speed before sealing it without damaging the herbs, which can happen if the product is handled roughly or they become blocked in the forming tube of conventional packaging machinery.

    This innovative equipment, which ULMA says offers exceptionally quick payback, is already making an impact in the fresh produce sector. The new design function can mean the VTI 640 V could be a cheaper alternative to ultrasonic sealing, as the product sits lower in the bag and away from the seal area on sealing.

    Not just known for its ability to supply all-round packaging solutions, ULMA offers a full after sales support service giving its customers peace of mind that production lines can be maintained effectively and businesses run smoothly and efficiently.


  • ULMA's FM405: nieuwe high-speed flow-packer voor hermetische MAP-verpakking

    At Interpack visitors have been introduced to the new high speed MAP packaging machine FM405 from ULMA. This newest addition to the Ulma Packaging range can reach an output speed up to 200 packs/min. Designers gave special attention to a sturdy construction an reliable features in order to be able to work in highly demanding production environment.
    The ULMA FM405 has been developed for industries that require a packaging with or without modified atmosphere like for example the meat, cheese, convenience food and bakery industry.
    This newest addition to the ULMA FM-range meets the highest hygiene and cleaning requirements as it has been build using the best materials and the highest grade of stainless steel. The infeed conveyor has been designed to avoid the accumulation of dust and waste and can be cleaned with high-pressure water.
    Ulma also gave special attention to the user friendliness of the machine by adding a HMI with 10”UPC control as well as the new easy-tape system that simplifies the automatic real change of the new ULMA FM405.



    ULMA PACKAGING is happy to introduce the newest member of their family: the TIGHT BAG. This vertical packaging solution is intended for packaging a wide range of frozen products in bag-packaging.
    With the brand new ULMA TIGHT BAG, you can set how much air is to be extracted from the packaging ("air extraction") without the need for perforations. Concretely, you can pack up to 15% more bags per box, resulting in a drastic reduction in transport costs. A quick calculation could tell you how much your company could save.
    Your clients also benefit from this innovative packaging that requires less space in the freezer with no risk of leaks or spoilage. There is also no risk of oxidation: the product remains in perfect condition. Moreover, there is less chance of damage as the frozen vegetables cannot shift in the bag but remain firmly in place.