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ATS-Tanner Banding Systems

ATS-Tanner Banding Systems


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ATS − your solution provider

With our unique expertise in highly economical banding technology we are your professional, reliable and service-oriented partner.

Profit from our customer benefits

- Rationalizing & saving costs
- Perfect bundling & reliable securing
- Comprehensive product protection
- Presentation & increased sales
- Specialist tasks solved individually
- Top quality service close to you
- Packaging with edge protection
- Advertising & coding in one
- Exhibition always open


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  • Newsletter

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  • Banding system US-2200 LBS-SL

    Edge-protection banding of corrugated cardboard stacks.

    The world‘s first US-2200 LBS-SL banding machine consists of a servo-driven longitudinal banding unit. For the gentle banding of die-cut, slottered and printed boxes. Thanks to smart, digital 2-step banding technology from ATS high-quality printed corrugated cardboard stacks can be banded without any damage to the edges. The system ensures the uninterrupted flow of products and mini-mizes waste. Thanks to the zero damage technology no surplus production is needed anymore.

    Automatic banding machine for corrugated cardboard stacks

    Fully-automated longitudinal banding, up to 30 stacks/min.

    Uninterrupted operation thanks to the double dispenser with splicer
    Avoid waste thanks to edge-protection banding


  • ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 14001 : 2015 certified

    All companies of the ATS-Tanner Group were successfully audited and certified in February 2018 for quality management in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001: 2015.

  • Solution Center - Where you experience packaging solutions up close

    Our showroom in the Solution Center

    We were able to open our new Solution Center building in Meisterschwanden, Switzerland in mid-February. A place for unique experiences, interesting meetings and an up-close look at packaging solutions. The Solution Center was built to provide space for consultation as well as visitors and includes much more than just a few offices and a machine exhibition.

    The newly designed showroom is the heart of the building. It has 520 m2 of floor space. Here you can see banding solutions for a wide range of segments, including food, graphics, corrugated, pharma...

    We extend a hearty invitation to you to visit us at the Solution Center. Get in touch with your sales representative by phone or e-mail to arrange a visit, or simply sign up via web form.

    With the following you can visit our showroom virtually: https://goo.gl/AucPQp


  • Breaking the sound barrier

    CEO Serge Tanner comments on the decade-long market success of the US-2000: “What is key is the modular engineering, cold welding with ultra-sonic technology (no odors, ideal hygiene) as well as the continuously adjustable band tension.”

    The ATS employees celebrated the anniversary with a proper barbeque in Meisterschwanden. Alois Tanner, the nationally recognized master in end-use packaging: “We’re really proud of the number 10,000 – an achievement that truly deserves to be celebrated.”

    The handover of the machine marking the anniversary to August Faller KG in Waldkirch, Germany was also an occasion for celebration. The company with a 130-year tradition in seven locations, including in Denmark and Poland, has around 1,200 employees. ATS has a great customer relationship with Faller – the company already has 35 ATS-Tanner machines and systems in operation.


Job ads

  • Playing a part at ATS – vacant positions

    The ATS-Tanner Group is an attractive employer.

    Around 130 employees are committed to providing high-quality solutions for our clients on a daily basis. 'The only way we can win is as a team. Mutual trust is the basis of our collaboration.' These values represent our guiding principles. ATS-Tanner challenges and promotes employees. We create mutual transparency and clarity with the aid of goal and performance agreements.

    Your active application
    In addition to specific vacancy notices, we are always open to contact with qualified and ambitious specialist personnel. Do not hesitate to send your active application to Heinz Sommerhalder, Head of Human Resources, talent@ats-tanner.com