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WRH Global Belgium

WRH Global Belgium


3550 Houthalen

WRH Global Belgium was founded in 1985 as a subsidiary of the Swiss holding WRH. Like the headquarters, WRH Global Belgium specialises in automation of industrial processes, starting at the packaging.

WRH Global Belgium offers turnkey solutions for internal conveying & buffering systems, packaging machines, pallet handling, palletizing and automated warehouse systems.

As a system integrator, we provide engineering, software, planning, installation, commissioning, training and follow-up of your project. Together with you, our project engineers look for the best solutions. They are familiar with the most diverse industries. Clear project coordination, professional engineering and well-educated installation- and service engineers turn the system integration into a success.

WRH Global Belgium guarantees unparalleled product quality. The success of our accomplishments is the result of our permanent concern to meet the stringent demands of our customers in the area of technology, quality and price.


Product news

  • Skyfall

    Processing while conveying is the core competency at Ferag. Pick-up, transfer, weighing, ejection, labelling, etc. are functions that are carried out by Skyfall at high speed in a single plane or in the third dimension.
    Skyfall is the unique conveyor system that makes use of gravity and the third dimension. A simple rail profile with roller bodies allows the most diverse articles up to 10 kilograms in weight to be conveyed from A to B. From beverage sachets and carrier bags through to cookie packets – Skyfall conveys them all with ease. A further plus: processes like order-picking, weighing or labelling, etc. are carried out during the conveying sequence.


  • Denirug® heavy-duty support system — rolls instead of slides

    denirug® heavy-duty support system — rolls instead of slides
    Heavy loads are hard to shift. But every rule has an exception. In this case it’s denirug®.

    Heavy-duty support denirug® spreads the load on a roller rug. Even pallets or crates that are full to bursting can be pushed over the roller rug with the force of just one single hand. denirug® is also ideal as a gravity conveyor. In driven versions, the motor no longer has to perform to the max. Therefore, energy consumption drops radically. What’s more, rolling friction is kinder to products, whereas sliding friction in modular- and standard-belt conveyors was hard on the products conveyed. And wear and tear are reduced too. In the heavy-duty sector, denirug® taps into new, leaner, previously undreamt-of processes.


  • Deniway® plate chain conveyor — making complex tasks simple

    The beauty of simplicity: the deniway® plate chain conveyor is based on rollers and has a modular design. The three standard components – C-channel, plate chain and reverse sprocket – are generally sufficient to cover basic requirements. This simplicity makes the design flexible and even the planning of challenging circuits is not going to cause any headaches. System engineers are amazed at how easy it is to plan and install complete and complex systems using deniway®.


  • Easychain® - spiral conveyor

    Spiral Conveyor

    Easychain® — the name is appropriate. With its notable simplicity, the flexible conveyor system is ideally suited for complex and multidimensional layouts. The black and yellow plates come in different widths (120/180/240 mm), while the smallest radius for an arc or spiral comes to 600 mm. Modular and with plug-in connections, easychain® can be set up or modified in next to no time. The chain can be either pushed or pulled. Load balancing is automatic, so the tension of the chain is self-regulating. As a result, the system needs hardly any maintenance. The patented traction drive can be positioned in any way that is required. Less output is therefore needed, which means a lasting improvement of the ecobalance.


  • Denisort® - conveying & sorting

    WRH Global Belgium launches Denisort : tilting and sliding all in one
    The new denisort system kills two birds with one stone. The dual denisort technology functions as a tilt tray sorter and a slide tray sorter at the same time. In this way, Denipro can offer e-commerce and industrial customers a unified system that provides a continuous flow of goods across multiple levels and processes. Conveying, commissioning and sorting - all in parallel and running perfectly on a single system.