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Capidi AB

Capidi AB


43248 Varberg

CAPiDi is a company that develops and sells home security products.

Since 1985, Capidi AB has been developing smart electronic products for the home. Our goal is to make products that are safe, simple and reliable to use.

CAPiDi smoke alarm - New color and easier assembly
CAPiDi smoke alarms make it easy to connect an unlimited number of devices to a reliable mesh network of fire alarms in your home.
All units talk to each other wirelessly, leading to all alarms within 3 seconds if a fire alarm detects smoke. The built-in battery covers the power supply for the entire product life, 10 years, so you never have to change batteries!

- No battery change (built-in lithium battery)
- Battery that lasts the entire life of the product (10 years)
- Wireless interconnect (up to 12 devices to guarantee battery life)
- Optical smoke detector
- Creates a mesh network (interconnectable with 38802902 & CAP388B)
- Alarms one, alarms everyone
- 200 meters range with free view
- Unique energy-saving chip
- Broadcast at 868 MHz
- 5 year warranty

Product development
Our products have a Scandinavian design with smart features, low radiation and the lowest possible energy consumption. The products are very easy to understand and do not require long manuals to get started.

We create safe and reliable products for every home.