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We are a company with good service and fast deliveries of our products.
And here on the fair we show a new product that is a brand new kit with 17pcs of different bit and a screwdriver with powerful engine. This screwdriver have a 3,6V Li-ion battery on 850mAh. Speed-Pro screwdriver on 280rpm could give you power up to 2Nm with the engine and maximum 10Nm with your hands.


Product news

  • Speed-Pro Battery-powered screwdriver

    Speed-Pro, a battery-powered screwdriver that transports the screw 5 times faster than by hand. The combination of being able to use Speed-Pro both as an electric screwdriver and as a regular screwdriver makes it unique. Despite its light weight of 162 g, it can pull up to 2nm with the electric motor and fully charged battery, as well as up to 10nm in manual mode. An ergonomically developed grip in 2-component material for maximum feel. Speed-Pro can handle up to 600 screws on a charge and is the perfect chisel for all types of mounting work in a dry environment. Suitable for example when installing electrical outlets, work in switch cabinets, service on white goods, ie all types of work for faster and smoother installation.
    Speed-Pro is your perfect friend for your wrist where you need a quick transport of the screw and simultaneously reduces wear on your elbow and wrist. The LED light gives you extra light when using the engine. Charging is done through standard “micro-usb” cable, which allows you to charge your Speed-Pro in any 5V USB charger output (PC mobile charger or in your car). Speed-Pro comes as a kit in a plastic box containing: 1st USB-charged cable, 17 different bit.
    The Speed-Pro is charged with red color on diode and is fully charged when it shows green.