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Walkia Lighting is the supplier that has a completely unique product within wireless lighting control systems. We can control both the light colour (Kelvin's) and the RGBW shades with the system, which gives virtually unlimited opportunities in creating just the right mood in both Shopping Centres and Office landscapes as well as working equally well in manufacturing industries. Our knowledgeable lighting designers do the planning of your premises in 3D for the best possible sense of reality. We who work in the field come and do an energy calculation, with which we can calculatate your energy savings. At the same time you also get from the savings you make your CO2 imprint. Come to our booth and we'll tell you more.


Product news

  • Walkia Vantage

    A more intelligent and cost effective lighting control system than ever before.
    Suitable for e.g. both large and small industrial premises, sport facilities, street and area lighting - everywhere. A wireless system is much faster and easier to install than a traditional system, as extra wiring is not needed for the control system.
    IoT comes to lighting with Walkia Vantage.

Job ads

  • Walkia Lighting is looking for salespersons to different regions in Sweden


    • Merit if you have prior experience in field sales.
    • Profit oriented and driven.
    • Easy to create new contacts.
    • Like working towards set goals.
    • Responsive to customers needs.
    • Fluent in Swedish and English, both written and spoken. The Group language is English.
    • Have a positive attitude.