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Aura Light AB

Aura Light AB


59821 Vimmerby

Aura Light provides lighting that is smart; sustainable, economical, long lasting, high quality and environmentally friendly. We call it Brighter Lighting. Our sustainable lighting solutions enable professional customers to reduce cost, energy consumption and carbon footprint.


Product news

  • Smart lighting with wireless communication

    Aura Connect is the umbrella term for Aura Light’s solutions of smart lighting with wireless communication between luminaires and different kind of lighting control systems. With Aura Connect lighting solutions you get automatically managed lighting control that ensures you get good lighting levels where and when you need it. For optimal energy efficiency and reduced energy costs, Aura Connect adapts to surrounding natural light and/or movements so you don't have unnecessary light lit when there's no need for it. With quick installation and the ease of use, you save a lot of time and get a lighting system ready to use immediately.


  • Powerful industrial luminaire for high altitudes

    Sarek is an industry lighting with a high-quality microprismatic anti-glare as standard. The LED boards are designed specifically for Sarek and makes it market leading when it comes to the effectiveness. Suitable for all types of industrial buildings, and sports arenas.


  • It´s all about the inside

    Z44 is a luminaire family for general lighting in Industries, with requiring protection class up to IP44. Choose between replacable Aura UltiLED tubes or LED board versions. Z44 can be ordered with DALI, on/off or in different sensor versions. High lumen output (150 lm/w).