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Elpress has been developing, manufacturing and marketing complete cable crimping systems for electrical connectors since 1959. Elpress is owned by Lagercrantz Group AB. Head office and factory are located at Kramfors, Sweden. Subsidiaries Elpress GmbH, Elpress A/S and Elpress (Beijing) Ltd. with local warehouses are in Viersen/Germany, Silkeborg/Denmark and Beijing/China.

Our products:
Electrical connection systems and complementary accessories.
Material for earthing and lightning protection.
Know-how whitin these fields.


Product news

  • Strengthened service on the Norwegian market

    We are very excited about this opportunity. As an Elpress service partner, we strengthen our relationship with our existing customers and have the opportunity to be even more responsive to their needs. In addition, it opens up collaboration with new customers”, says Kenneth Lundgreen Hole at Hydraulikkteknikk. The company, which supplies high quality hydraulic products, has its premises ten minutes nor th of Oslo.
    “In addition to the services our service department offers in the form of repairs, checks, calibration and certification of tools, we also have a generous stock of Elpress tools and products,” Kenneth continues.
    As a service partner to Elpress, Hydraulikkteknikk’s staff has undergone
    technical training in Kramfors. “The only way to ensure that crimped
    cable lugs maintain a high and consistent quality is to check the crimping tools regularly. We are pleased to offer service locally on the Norwegian market and thus facilitate the Norwegian customers of Elpress” Kenneth says.

  • Elpress US

    Elpress, Inc. has moved and expanded its North American warehouse and logistics centre. The warehouse that was previously in Sturtevant, WI will now be located in Addison, IL. The new warehouse is located very close to O'Hare International Airport, one of the main transport hubs in the United States. This strategic site will enable Elpress, Inc to offer the same high level of support and short delivery times to our North American.
    customers that Elpress has long been known for in other
    markets around the world.

  • We gather our offer with Vehicles"

    When Christian Alexandersson took up his post as Business area manager for Global Segments, about a year ago, he had an idea.
    "I had noticed that our Traction and Automotive customers had similar value chains. We even had subcontractors that had two contact persons at Elpress, one for each segment,” he says.
    “For the convenience of our customers, we are now gathering our offer in the new segment, Vehicles. Closer and more effective cooperation with our customers' subcontractors means that we can become clearer to the end customer, which in turn is a key to success”, says Christian.
    Traditionally, Elpress has focused on four segments, of which Traction and Automotive were the two smallest.
    "Now the three remaining are more evenly sized, which is also an advantage organisationally. Vehicles also covers hybrid vehicles.
    "We obviously want to be part of it and drive development forward," says Christian. Elpress has recently strengthened its expertise with product engineers and sales staff for all segments.

  • StationOne

    Think Amazon but optimised for train manufacturers. The
    initiative is unique to the industry and it will be exciting to see if this
    could be an interesting channel for our customers,” says Sven Behring, Product manager at Elpress. The advantages of StationOne are
    many, both for Elpress and for the end customer.
    "For us it means an opportunity to test how our customers respond to ecommerce in our industry. We reach out directly to a global market for train manufacturers and StationOne provides a platform where it is easy for us to administrate the orders,” says Sven.
    In the search engine, the customer can filter their requirements and with a few clicks see the complete range internationally, and also purchase products from different manufacturers in one and the same order from StationOne.
    “The range includes electronics for new projects as well as for maintenance and refurbishment of trains. In addition, the market place maintains high standards in terms of quality in the choice of
    suppliers,” says Sven Behring. The order placed on StationOne lands
    at the Elpress warehouse in Kramfors and is prepared directly for shipping to the customer. The information about the products seen in the search engine is a direct reflection of the information in Elpress’ new PIM (product Information Management) system.
    "This means that we can guarantee that all information is up to date," adds Sven. StationOne has been running since the 19th of January this year and the Elpress range is still limited on the market place.
    "In the coming months we will be putting up more products," Sven Behring assures us.

  • ELPRESS celebrates

    1959 the basis for Elpress was laid in a single basement premises in Stockholm. The founder, Curt Winemar (and his father Per Winemar), saw the conditions for establishment in Ådalen thanks to the industrial structural transformation that was going on there during the 1960s. 1961 the company moved into a makeshift premises in Kramfors.
    The company grew and in 1962 Winemars (as the company was
    called at that time) moved to larger premises in Öd, Kramfors. The
    company developed and had large expansion plans and in 1975 entirely new premises were built in Brunne, Kramfors, where the business is currently conducted. At that time it was a big venture with large production areas because the assembly machines required large areas
    and a lot of staff, unlike today when so much is automated. 1977 Elpress was purchased by Karolin Invest and for several years was its own business area within the Nordwin Group. In 2000, Elpress became a separate company again and since 2006 has been owned by the
    Lagercrantz Group. The market initiatives of the past few years in China, the USA and India have turned out well and have meant that Elpress today is a successful export company with many international contacts. Elpress now celebrates 60 years and has had a fantastic journey and development over the years.