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Proton Lighting AB

Proton Lighting AB


33129 Värnamo

Proton Lighting develops and sells lighting and lighting solutions in all forms of outdoor, industrial, office, school, retail, residential and shop fittings. We have more than 70 years´ experience of public lighting and is best known by the brand Exaktor. Proton Lighting is a family-owned company within the Proton Group. Proton Lighting's head office, development and production are situated in Värnamo, Sweden.


Product news

  • Adjust the effect after installation with facade luminaire exWall Flex

    Wall-mounted luminaire LED with asymmetrical light spread and broad light emission. Fits in most outdoor environments and is suitable for larger buildings, industrial facades etc.

    Facade luminaire exWall Flex can be adjusted to other effect at installation. Possible effect/luminous flux is:
    33W, 4300 lm
    24W, 3200 lm
    17W, 2300 lm


  • We customize your lighting solutions.

    Create a better workplace with effectiv LED lighting, customized to your needs. The result is a comfortable light environment that requires minimal maintenance and energy consumption for a long time.
    The picture shows an installation with industrial luminaire Tage, a luminaire produced at Proton Lighting in Sweden.

    The Tage luminaire has many possible variants, for example, choose a different luminous flux or just the lighting output that suits your mounting height or space - everything from large transit areas to narrow storage corridors.

    Tage is also available in a variant with high output, Tage HO, which is suitable for, for example, supermarkets and other premises with high ceilings. Tage Sport is tested and approved according to Ball Test standard VDE 0710 and can withstand a lot.


  • Control your light with Bluetooth

    Pallas, Nembus G2, Naiad G3 och MAMBAmini - all these are luminaires produced by Proton Lighting in Sweden and that can be ordered with Bluetooth light control. Good for you when you need to control your lighting in for example environments built with concrete or stone.

    At request, luminaire RS and RS DIM, can be ordered with Bluetooth communication managing control and alignment of luminaires. The mesh makes the luminaires communicate with each other and creates a stable signal which is suitable in specific environments with for example concrete or tiles.