Kistamässan, Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden
17 - 18/10/2018

The most prestigious competition within the industry!


Best Elnyhet & Best News in Lighting

As usual during Elmässan the prestigious prices in the category "Best Elnyhet" and "Best News in Lighting" are presented. As an exhibitor you get the chance to participate with an innovation which new in the field and in return we offer you the best possible exposure, before and after the fair. You present your contribution on-site at the fair, where you can get an exhibition space free of charge. The exhibition is during the two days of the fair.



The competing products will be displayed here.


The jury

New for this year is that the competition has a jury assessing the contributions. These are well-known individuals in the industry with extensive experience and solid backgrounds in the field. The jury will assess the contributions on-site at the fair and the score will then be counted together with the votes of the visitors.


Included in the jury 2018:

Jörgen Stjernlöf, Responsible Sellers - The Elm Fair

Ninni Blom, Confidence Elect, Swedish Electricians Association and Elq Women

Ivan Ahlenblom, Advertising Manager, Electrical Engineer

Claes Thim, Electrician / Security Ombudsman, Young Electrician


Award ceremony

The award ceremony takes place during the first day of the fair on the stage. If you win, you will be notified in good time to give you a chance to prepare yourself. 

The time is: Wednesday, October 17 at. 16:30. We will share prices just before Peter Forsberg goes on stage.