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Kistamässan, Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden
17 - 18/10/2018

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KlarPris A/S

KlarPris A/S


1411 K¢benhavn K

KlarPris is a unique, online B2B marketplace for the key B2B players in the building industry! KlarPris gives installers the total overview of their suppliers and net prices, which means that they optimize both time and resources when using KlarPris.


Product news

  • The new KlarPris is here!

    Now, it is even easier to optimize your procurement! The new version of KlarPris is here, and it contains some of the most requested features.

    Overview of better/cheaper products:
    Have you ever wondered if there is a better or cheaper version of the product you normally buy? KlarPris has matched more than 100.000 products, which means that you will know when there is a better or cheaper alternative to the product you normally buy.

    A search function like Google, but only for the building industry:
    The new and improved search function is based on big data and your purchasing preferences. This means that the search function will start suggesting products as soon as you start typing, and the more you use it, the better it becomes at suggesting the products you want!

    Different ways to optimize your procurement:
    KlarPris has an advanced algorithm which means that you can optimize your procurement in different ways. You can choose between finding the "best purchase" the "cheapest purchase" or only use "one supplier". What does that mean exactly?
    Get all the details in the link below!