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Kistamässan, Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden
17 - 18/10/2018

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Annell Ljus + Form

Annell Ljus + Form



During Elmässan 2018 we cooperate with Wever & Ducré and present a series of news from Belgium. Do not miss the new design luminaires Shiek and Bishop, the high-grade IP-class range for outdoor use including Jeli. We also have brand new mini-fixtures of former favourite luminaires such as Deep petit and Deep Adjust petit.

Come and experience Annell's oasis of cool luminaires in the ocean of technical products that are featured in the exhibition boots at the fair. Alexa helps us out with the light regulation!


Annell stands for good lighting environments. We offer a wide range of luminaires and lighting systems from leading European manufacturers, complemented by our own project-oriented product development. We support you in all types of lighting projects for professional and public environments, both indoors and outdoors.



Product news

  • Attractive news with LED from Wever & Ducré

    Wever & Ducré impresses with the model program "From Belgium with love". Here are many news for interior and exterior use. LED luminairies with high efficiency and good light quality, Ra> 90, and a wide range of "Warm Dim".

    A well-thought-out common design creates cohesion between ceiling, wall and pendant models. According to the highest demands on energy efficiency and lifespan, many models choose an integrated LED module. Or choose a model with LED light bulb (retrofit) for environments where shorter lighting times apply; such as hotelrooms. There are also many different options of light characters, power or lightspread.

    Among interesting news you will find Sara, a pretty spotlight in classic retro design, for single-phase track (Global) or for ceiling mounting. There are now more powerful versions available of Spotlight Sqube. The classic Wever & Ducré models like Deep and Plano have new versions in even smaller "petit" sizes.

    Interesting and smart tools for group arrangements of ceiling and pendant luminaires are a practical solution to an attractive luminaire program.


  • Annell Bra bas, for simplicity and faster delivery

    It is not always easy to find and choose the right luminaire in the wide range of technical and professional lighting. At Annell we work with thousands of good products from several of the largest manufacturers in Europe. Therefore, we developed the customer-focused Bra bas range. Now we have further developed the idea and made Bra bas an own business area. Same name but new symbol and even more emphasis on simplicity and fast delivery.

    The new Bra bas selection will contain a small range of hand-picked luminaires with good quality. By selecting single models that are most demanded, we can offer faster delivery and a price-effective endproduct.

    You can easily find all Bra bas products and article numbers by clicking the Bra bas tab in our product database on www.annell.se. The selection will change over time.

    Look out for the Bra bas symbol!