Why exhibit?

Kistamässan, Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden
17 - 18/10/2018

Elmässan – for the industry since 2004

Elmässan launched for the first time in October 2004, organized by Easyfairs. During the past 14 years the exhibitors have increased by 250% and the number of visits by 370%. A steady growth that continues to increase year after year. Our slogan is that we represent the entire electrical industry of Sweden and by prioritizing our clients we can contribute towards their growth and value.  

We aim for our exhibitors to be as effective as possible in terms of finance, time and quality. At Elmässan you will meet potential clients from the entire country, we gather them under one roof during two effective days. This saves you time and money and gives you the best possible distribution for a minimal cost. 

Why exhibit?


  1. You save time and money – two days with thousands of potential customers. 
  2. Elmässan prioritizes the customers progress, business and added value. 
  3. You’ll be part of the entire Swedish Elmässa together with the industries leading newspapers and organizations.

Who visits Elmässan?

Elmässan Stockholm covers over 75% of the industry in Stockholm with surrounding areas

During 2017 the show had over 6500 visits from several different businesses with titles such as:

  • Electricians & Installers
  • Electric consultants
  • Real estate managers/owners/maintenance
  • Company shareholders/CEOs
  • Technicians/Technical managers
  • Lightning designers/Interior designers
  • Architects 
  • Buyers
  • Location managers/Construction managers
  • Security managers

Focus on business
This is a business to business event. Elmässan offer you as an exhibitor the possibility to do business with with visitors from the whole country, due to the great location in the center of Sweden, Stockholm. 


Meet qualified people in the industry 
At Elmässan you will meet qualified visitors that wants to do business with you. Meet
Electricians and electrical engineers, Electrical consultants, MDs, owners and directors, Buyers, Construction and more. 


Experience a time and cost efficient show
We gather all the electrical installation industry during two fully packed days. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet your target group and expose your brand in the right context. 


of our exhibitors said they are happy with their choice as an exhibitor for Elmässan and strongly recommends the meeting-place for others.  


are decision makers in an on-going buying process. That means that you will meet over 5600 potential new clients for during two full days. 


of the visitors felt like the fair gave them a good look into what the future holds and can offer them. 


of the total booking area is already sold out for the 2018 fair.