Future electrician

Studying to become an electrician? Welcome to Elmässan!

The electricity industry is under constant development, which provides good conditions for creating more jobs. Skill supply is crucial for the industry's development and profitability. As a player in the industry it´s important for us to be active in topics that affect the business. Because of this we have chosen to once again open up the show for students.

Thursday, August 29, we open the show to future workers! Bringing together future stars in the industries with present-day employers. A chance to catch up, increase your network and exchange ideas. Your experiense is that this create a strong foundation for both the new electrician looking for a job, and the employer looking for new talent.

How do I register my class?
Email a list with firstname and surname to malin.petersson@easyfairs.com and wait for confirmation. Unfortunately, only senior students are welcome to the show. As a teacher you are responsible for the students you bring with you while you visit the venue.