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Eldon Installation AB

Eldon Installation AB


57121 NÄSSJÖ

Eldon Installation is a future-focused company with a story worth mentioning. In 1922, the company was founded in Nässjö, Sweden. In a lifetime the company has developed from a family-owned electrical installation firm in the small railway town, to a specially-oriented company which today is owned by Simonssongruppen´s investment corporation Huset Invest. We see great development opportunities in all product areas and together with Simonssongruppen have started a strong expansion phase.

Our work contributes to a safe and energy-efficient development of society by supplying electricity distribution systems, low-voltage components and charging infrastructure. We are responsible for the entire process of our products through product development, sales, construction, calculation, assembly and delivery. Our work ensures both electrical safety and the environmental savings.

Product news

  • Lack of secure charging points poses major risks

    Lack of knowledge about the requirements that electric and hybridcars impose on the electrical installation poses a great risk. Therefore, at Böda Sand, the electricity grid is planned to be extended to 2020 in order to put the safety of the guests first.