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Nexans is one of the largest suppliers of cables and accessories in Sweden and in the world. We supply Swedish installers, infrastructure builders and industry with an unbeatable range of products of the highest quality, manufactured either in Sweden or by Nexans at one of its sites abroad.


Product news

  • Nexans Easy™ cables for an easier daily life

    The Easy™ product family is a comprehensive range of installation and power cables that make work easier and more convenient.

    All Easy™ cables are easier to strip, more convenient to work with and safer to use. And they are all halogen-free so they are a low fire hazard. There is a lower risk of injury if a fire breaks out, while offering significant financial benefits thanks to easier post-fire restoration.Enkel att skala

    The Easy™ product family simply makes work more enjoyable, while saving you time and preventing injury.

    Easy™ cables all share these unique features:

    Easy to strip
    Less time and money
    Fewer injuries at work
    Haloge-free – saving lives and money


  • All you need to know about CPR

    At Nexans we have been working for many years to prepare for EU’s new CPR requirements for cables.


  • MQQ - Thin cable for existing pipes

    Replace the distibution cable in old apartments. Not the tubes.
    MQQ is a smooth and thin 5-wire cable that is easily installed in existing pipes. The cable meets all the needs and requirements of electrical installations in the renovation of apartments from the 60's so-called "million program".

    MQQ - Enjoy your day at work.
    Thank you!


  • FQ EasyTM - now in a new packaging!

    We have thought of one more step. When you buy a FQ EasyTM from us, it comes with a number of smart features. As a wrapped clean and stylish packaging, a hole to attach the cable end and a window to see how much cable remains. Small innovations. Enjoy your day at work.


  • Lifemark™ recycle marking

    Everybody is talking about product life cycles and ecocycle awareness. All environmental impact, from raw material manufacture to scrapping has to be considered. Worn-out products should be returned to the environment. This includes the cables which are buried and concealed everywhere in our environment.

    We have Lifemark™ recycle marking - a unique marking method which puts a complete content declaration on the cable sheath, for the benefit of future generations.

    Lifemark™ is a great way to a full declaration of the environmental impact of our products during their entire life cycle.

    -Facilitates recycling
    -Long-term sustainable solution
    -Unique labeling
    -Founded for 20 years ago


  • Alarm- and safety cables now in a smart and heavy-duty packaging that protects the cable

    Alarm- and safety cables now in a smart and heavy-duty packaging that protects the cable
    Now our alarm- and safety cables get a new package that protects the cable and can withstand tough handling. In addition, it has clear labeling, is stackable and resealable. Enjoy your day at work.


  • Cables for a more shiny and white result.

    Our easily peeled cables, EQLQ Easy® and EXQ EasyTM, have become both whiter and more shiny. The whiteness to better match the furnishing, fittings and other installation material. The shininess to make it easier to keep clean. Enjoy your day at work.