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Prysmian Group Sverige AB

Prysmian Group Sverige AB


57188 NÄSSJÖ

From the deepest oceans to mines and satellites circling earth, you will find products developed by us. Draka is a part of the worlds' largest cable manufacturer – Prysmian Group. The reason is crucial: to be able to be local.

No matter how big we are, it's because of our customers and business partners we survive and expand. To be able to convince you and meet your expectations, we must understand your specific needs. It's not good enough to sit in an office hundreds of miles away. To undertand how different seasons, cold and heat, sun and wind and everything else affect the function and performance of cables in the Nordics, it's important to be here. To be able to solve local challanges we use the strenght in being a global organization.

This mindset have made us the biggest producer of safe and reliable cables in power and telecom.