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Module-based cloud solution

Improve customer cooperation
SoftOne is a cloud-based module-based ERP system that allows you to tailor a solution to suit your needs right now. You can always add more modules later as needed. Most of our customers are long-term, having been with us for more than a dozen years, demonstrating that SoftOne can effectively grow along with you as your company expands.

Role-based system

Since SoftOne is role-based, you can select which information should be shared with your customer, and which permissions the customer should have. Your customers can for example decide to manage invoicing by themselves, and then let you deal with the remaining financial tasks and payroll.

Statistics and reports
SoftOne includes a number of standard reports that can be customized to your specifications. These make it simple and easy to give your customers a quick overview of the financial situation.

App for smart phones and tablets
Even when you or your customers are not near a computer, you can access SoftOne via our app. Working with our app on your smart phone or tablet allows you to be flexible and gives your customers the chance to make use of reports and other helpful information even while traveling or on during vacation periods.

SoftOne – A cloud-based service
As a cloud-based service, SoftOne is available to you via the internet no matter where you are. In addition to this you also don’t have to worry about dealing with hardware, operation and updates—all you need is an internet connection and a computer or smart phone, and you have a reliable and cost-effective solution.


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