Seminars 7 September

Nolia, Umeå
Umeå, Sweden
06 - 07/09/2017

8.00 | Breakfast seminar, Rikard Nilsson, KNX


A great day starts with a good breakfast!

Welcome to KNX breakfast seminar! KNX offers breakfast while you get updated with the latest trends and news within KNX.

9.00 | WSP

Roland WSP

How can you measure your energy efficiency savings?

Get the answers to how you can create profitability when investing in energy efficiency. See the latest technology and solutions in energy efficiency that gives effect and how you follow up the results of your efforts on energy efficiency.

Speaker: Roland Jonsson, Consultant, WSP

10.00 | SEK Svensk Elstandard

Joakim Grafstrom

The latest standards

Joakim Grafström from SEK gives you an update within the latest standards.

11.00 | EEF - Energieffektiviseringsföretagen

Ronald Åström

Energy efficiency measures

Speaker: Ronald Åström, Energieffektiviseringsföretagen

12.00 | Energimyndigheten

jonas pettersson

Lighting - Energy labeling and eco design

The lighting industry is changing rapidly and thanks to research and development, LED technology offers new opportunities every day. Ecodesign sets the minimum energy efficiency requirements, while energy labeling offers consumers the opportunity to choose the most efficient products. 

Speaker: Jonas Pettersson, Energimyndigheten

13.00 | Installatörsföretagen


New Electricity Act strengthens the electrical engineering industry

How does this effect the electrical technology industry, and what demands are made on the site owner.

Speaker: Fredrik Sjödin, Safety Expert, Installatörsföretagen

14.00 | Arbetsmiljöverket

15.00 | ID06/BBIS


Electricians and ID06?

Just over one year with personnel lenders in the construction industry. What do you need to know and what's next? Peter Nilsson, ID06 / BBIS, will describe and discuss this during his session at the show.