Seminars 6 September

Nolia, Umeå
Umeå, Sweden
06 - 07/09/2017

8.00 | Breakfast seminar, KNX


A great day starts with a good breakfast!

Welcome to the breakfast seminar with KNX! KNX offers breakfast while you receive an update in the latest standards.

9.00 | Installatörsföretagen


How to create a functioning self inspection

 The new Electricity Act makes it easier for the consumer to claim industry demands and to choose serious companies that are committed to complying with the new rules. What does the law require regarding the design / content of this self inspection?

Speaker: Fredrik Sjödin, Electrical safety expert, Installatörsföretagen

10.00 | Philips Lighting

magnus fredholm

Smarter cities - IOT

Magnus Fredholm, expert at Philips will talk about Smarter cities and IOT.

11.00 | Umeå kommun

Carina aschan

Umeå becomes a Smart City

Carina Aschan, Project Manager at Umeå Kommun talks about how Umeå will become a Smart City.

12.00 | Nexans

aron andersson

All you need to know about CPR

Aron Andersson from Nexans will talk about what does CPR mean for installers, consultants and property owners? Who are the big winners when the new CPR standard is introduced?



13.00 | SSNF


Satefy in fiber

Jimmy Persson from SSNF will discuss safety in fiber.

14.00 | Kiruna is moving

15.00 | Roland Jonsson, WSP


How can you measure your energy efficiency savings?

Get the answers to how you can create profitability when investing in energy efficiency. See the latest technology and solutions in energy efficiency that gives effect and how you follow up the results of your efforts on energy efficiency.

16.00 | Sportprofilerna Björn Ferry & Heidi Andersson

Björn och heidi

An Olympic champion and an Armwrestler with sustainability focus

Heidi Andersson, arm wrestler pro and Björn Ferry, former Olympic skier champion, have numerous wins in the world cup behind them. 

Listen to Heidi and Björn as they speak about their competitions, stories, successful entrepreneurship and their focus on sustainable living.

16.00 | Business mingle


After the inspiration seminar with Heidi and Björn we offer beer and snacks. Talk with industry colleagues, customers and suppliers, and be sure to ask all questions to Björn Ferry and get a lesson by Heidi Andersson.