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Experience the future at the show!

At the exhibition there are great opportunities to see the latest innovations in the Swedish industry. At the show there are the latest technological solutions, developing and revolutionizing parts of our industries - from development to design and production. Here we will continuously present what you can experience at the show:

  • Smart microchip implant
  • Virtual Reality-area
  • Volvo Drive Me
  • Chalmers Formula Student
  • The Electronics Centre in Halmstad
  • Business Mingling
Biohax International

Smart microchip implant - Turning the internet of things into the internet of us!

Biohax International digitizes you! The fact that a paradigm shift is in motion is a fact, a large part of it is that we become one with technology.

With most performed Micochip implants in the world, we are paving the way for an exciting future where your body can tell by the digital around us. This provides a never before experienced dimension.

Jowan Österlund, Biohax founder, will offer microchip implants for all visitors at the show! Take the opportunity to upgrade the body. Get Digital Now!

VR område

Virtual Reality-area

Don't let your visit at the show be just work, take a break and visit our VR-area!

Virtual reality is the computer-generated environment that everyone talks about, the technology that lets you experience a different reality. Try out Vitrual Reality with CLVR Works and learn about the possibilities of the technology. No registration needed, just drop by and enjoy!

You can also learn about how the technology may revolutionize your industry when listening to the VR panel at our stage the 8 March at 15.30-16.00. Participants in the VR panel:

  • Viktor Peterson, CEO, CLVR Works
  • Tobias Fröberg, CEO, BoldArc
  • Elena Malakhatka, Ph.D. research, KTH
  • Carina Sundqvist, Digital strateg, IBYR
  • Oliver Edsberger, Business Unit Director Visualization, HiQ
  • Jonathan Tiedtke, CEO, VR Vision
  • Steve Hogan, Director, VR Safety 
Volvo Drive Me

Volvo Drive Me

Volvos Drive Me car will be shown at the show! The Drive Me cars are Volvos most advanced and intelligent so far. The Drive Me program will start in Gohtenburg where 100 people living in Gothenburg will drive the self-driving cars on the public roads. Discover the car and the Drive Me program in March!


MIngle 16.30 8 March

Join your colleagues at stage 2 16.30 the first day of the show, for a business mingle. We will serve wine, beer, non alcoholic drinks and snacks. 

Chalmers Formula Student

Chalmers Formula Student

Formula Student is one of the world's greatest engineering competitions, the contestants come from universities worldwide. The competition is intended for first-year master's students. Every year a new team builds a new car.

Since 2015, Chalmers have built electric cars for the sake of sustainable development and the environment. This year the car will appear at the show with the team!


EHC (The Electronics Centre in Halmstad, Halmstad University) - an innovation hub

Almost everything around us is made of electronics, and the growth is huge - in 2020 it is estimated that there will be more than 50 billion connected electronic devices in the world. The Electronics Centre in Halmstad (ECH) is created by Halmstad University in collaboration with the Swedish industry. Now they will come to the show and showcase their prototypes and projects! Why not try a robot hand that follows your movements or try their robots during the show?