GBG Innovation Award

Svenska Mässan
Göteborg, Sweden
08 - 09/03/2017
gbg innovation award

Congratulations to Arsizio!

3D-iExtrusion® -a Swedish patented paradigm shift.

  • Making 3D mass production affordable and environmentally friendly
  • 3D-iExtrusion® technology is compatible with existing
  • production lines and turn extrusion lines into 3D mass production lines.
  • 3D-iExtrusion® from Arsizio AB enables:
  • New design thanks to low cost & high design freedom
  • 1000-12000 times faster 3D-metal production than 3D-printing
  • 500-1500 times faster 3D-polymer production than 3D-printing
  • 0,1-2% of 3D-printing process cost 
  • 20-80% lower process cost than injection moulding
  • 40-90% lower tooling cost 
  • 20-50% savings of weight, material & energy 
  • elimination of machining & material waste 
  • 20-90% cost savings in machined products
  • Metal, plastic, rubber, Composites, TPE, TPV, Ceramics

3D-iExtrusion® is a technology developed in Sweden and protected with granted patents from US in the west to Japan in the east. Arsizio license the technology to OEM´s, Tier 1 & suppliers within the Transportation, Construction, Energy & Consumer industries.

Awarded Cleantech 
Due to weightsaving,  material and energy efficiency of 3D-iExtrusion, Arsizio and the Inventor Mark J Kragh has received a number of National and International Cleantech  Awards.

Demo 3D-iExtrusion