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24SevenOffice is Europe’s first 100% web-based ERP system delivered on Cloud Computing technology and SaaS (Software as a service). The company was born in the Cloud and established in 1997. 24SevenOffice deliver a sophisticated, integrated and complete ERP system as for mid sized businesses.

The solution is based on modules and includes everything a medium-sized business needs to manage its business in one integrated system. In addition 24SevenOffice is integrated with over 200 third-party solutions including most banks, debt collection, disposal systems, online trading, production systems, industry solutions, pre-systems, etc.
The company was established in 1997 and now has over 38,000 companies as customers. 24SevenOffice have since the beginning had high ambitions and a goal of becoming one of the leading SaaS / cloud-based ERP systems for midsize companies in the world.