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elektronisksignering se

elektronisksignering se



With TellusTalk's services you can send and receive SMS, Email and fax worldwide. No installations needed.
- With your email client or via our API.
- With TellusTalk's web portal
- With your own systems and applications

Electronic signature via SMS or email and BankID
Protected messages that can only be read logged in with BankID
Link SMS (attach files to your SMS)
Speech SMS (your SMS is read in the phone)

TellusTalk is the first in Sweden to offer a service where you do not have to sign as a private person on behalf of the company while the signature is approved throughout the EU.

In addition to the signature being EU-approved, the person signing does not have to show his / her own social security number, if one is signing an agreement in the service. It is also clearly visible for which company and in what role you sign.