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Regtech Solutions



Regtech Solutions develops regulatory compliance services and products focusing on AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (customer awareness).
Regtech, a collective name for companies that work with tech in the regulatory area, is expanding globally, especially within AML and KYC. Nearly 100,000 companies in Sweden are covered by the Money Laundering Act and only a few have automated solutions for control and compliance. Regtech Solutions aims to help a large part of the market with solutions and services.
Regtech Solutions operates in three main areas. The company's web-based and 100% scalable solution Regtech KYC is currently in operation at companies within financial and financial consulting. Furthermore, Regtech offers web training, both standard and customized, as well as professional services. Thanks to the solutions, companies can save time and large costs and become “compliant” and thus avoid government sanctions.