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Björn Lundén Information

Björn Lundén Information

D:10, D:13


Björn Lundén Information is one of Sweden's leading knowledge companies, which since 1987 has provided companies, business advisors, associations, etc. with understandable information and practical resources in the areas of tax, accounting, personnel and law.
Our goal is that whatever you're wondering in these areas, you'll be able to get information from us. It can be in one of our many books or e-books, through our templates, in any of our finance or tax programs, through our queries or at any of our courses or web courses.

Visit us at Economy & Business, then we'll tell you more about our software and app solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, finance departments and accounting agencies. Also be sure to visit Digitalization Help and discuss automated solutions for your particular business with our advisors.
Also, do not miss out on our generous fair discounts on programs, books and news services!