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The Optimal Business Event for Visual Communication

SHOP Signage is the Nordic Region's largest retail event for visual communication. Communication that in-store will show the latest news, inform about pricing and provide customer service. Professional communication will also set a tone for the brand and support positioning, therefore, the selection of the right visual communication is of outmost importance. At SHOP Signage, businesses working with printed and digital signage, CMS (software), display systems and holograms will show their products for some of the industry's major decision makers.

SHOP Signage is the place were the industry together discusses visual communication for retail both for the stores today and the stores of tomorrow. 

Some of the products at SHOP Signage:

  • Digital Signage
  • CMS (Digital Signage Software)
  • Printed Signage
  • Display Systems
  • Display Materials
  • Neon Signage
  • Holograms

”Here we look at everything that has to do with the communication to consumers, like anything from signage to sound. Solutions that can make the customers stay longer in the store, as well as be able to attract customers from surrounding stores.”

Store Development Manager, Jula AB

”At the show I look at everything that can enhance the in-store experience for our agents, for example, I follow the development of digital signage.”

Agent & Retail, DB Schenker