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Copyright organisations Sami and Stim make a joint exhibition to highlight the value of protected music.

There is both a business benefit and a greater benefit to paying for protected music. A conscious choice of music can affect both customers and results positively - while contributing to the Swedish music base.

Good and relevant music means that customers want to spend more, and happier employees. According to a recent survey by HUI Research in collaboration with Soundtrack Your Brand, average sales in a restaurant chain increased with 9.1 percent when branded music was played in the premises. Similarly, 44 percent of respondents surveyed in a Demoskop 2011 survey, say they would leave a public environment, store or similar if they play "wrong" music.

Offering the right music pays off. True music awakens feelings that in turn lead to measurable results. Whether it is in the form of increased sales or satisfied employees, we know that an investment in music strengthens the brand.

Sami, ensures that artists and musicians receive compensation when their music is publicly played. All within the framework of Swedish and international copyright law. We are a member organization and collaborate internationally with our counterparts in other countries.

STIM, is a member association without profit interest that ensures that the authors receive the compensation they are entitled to. Whoever wants to play music publicly in his business, writes an agreement with Stim for the music crews and music publishers to be reimbursed when their works are played.