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Elo is a global leader in touchscreen solutions including point of sale systems and interactive signage displays from 10 to 70 inches. The inventor of the touchscreen, Elo now has 20+ million retail and hospitality installations in 80+ countries with products designed in California and built to last with a 3-year standard warranty. The Elo touchscreen experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation. Elo intellectual property is protected by global patent, trademark and design registrations. Learn more about Elo’s interactive displays at EloInteractive.com and Elo’s corporate website at EloTouch.com.


Product news

  • Elo announces Android computer module for large-format touchscreen signage

    Elo, a global supplier of digital touchscreen solutions, today announced the extension of its EloView cloud-based management software to the large-format interactive digital signage product line with the introduction of an ARM-based computer option. This new Android Elo Computer Module (Android ECM) accessory, available for 32”-70” interactive signage displays, provides a secure all-in-one solution for content delivery and device management. Additionally, location-based services can be enabled with iBeacon technology. The high-performance, commercial-grade computer module, coupled with the EloView cloud-based management software, transforms Elo’s large-format interactive digital displays into a complete interactive platform. The Android ECM is available to order today.

    EloView is a device management, content delivery and auto-deployment platform. It has a modular architecture for integration with content management systems, point of sale (POS) software partners and mobile device management (MDM) systems. The Android ECM, coupled with EloView and Elo’s large-format touchscreen digital signage products, enables omnichannel consistency by allowing customers to leverage their existing responsive websites, mobile digital content and apps with minimal investment and development time.

    Retailers are looking for ways to simplify deployment and management of in-store digital signage, and Elo is committed to providing solutions that combine stylish, commercial-grade hardware with simple and secure device management and content delivery. From loyalty rewards and endless aisle, to self-service payment installations and beyond, the Android ECM provides the performance needed with a powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon CPU. The Android ECM slides into the back of the touchscreen display to deliver the industry’s thinnest commercial-grade, all-in-one Android touch computer at 32-inch, 42-inch, 55-inch or 70-inch screen sizes. AC power, video and USB signals pass between the computer module and the Elo IDS touch display via an internal docking connector. Use of computer modules instead of a separate external computer box reduces complexity, minimizes the mounting profile and may also reduce installation costs.

    “With this addition, Elo’s Android solution now spans from 10 to 70 inches,” said Craig Witsoe, CEO of Elo. “Retailers can trust Elo to deliver the performance needed for demanding, media-rich, interactive experiences throughout the physical store, no matter what the size or use case. Elo continues to make the deployment and management of interactive signage easier, less expensive and more secure.”

    Overall, Elo provides seamless integration of hardware and software, allowing for real-time remote control of volume as well as apps and content deployment with no cables to connect, no cabinet or need to hide players and cables. The Android ECM is available to demo at SHOP Nordic on April13-14 in Stockholm at Elo booth #C:18. For more information, visit www.elointeractive.com.

  • Touchscreen Digital Signage made easy by Elo

    Elo’s touchscreen digital signage architecture matches commercial grade I-Series touchscreen hardware with EloView™ software for more secure, cloud-based content delivery and remote device management. Elo makes it easy to connect online and in-store digital marketing campaigns using an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) intelligent system of hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure. Elo Interactive offers the style and engaging digital experience marketing demands with the efficiency and functionality an IT operations team can depend on.

    Elo I-Series touchscreens are rugged, yet stylish, to help retailers sell more in-store by delivering connected brand experiences. Mobile apps, websites, and other self-service kiosk applications come to life on a digital canvas as big as your imagination. Offered in multiple sizes with VESA mount points and a range of installation accessories, the Elo I-Series provides a scalable, high-performance all-in-one touchcomputing Android platform with stunning high-definition (HD) graphics. 10-touch capacitive IntelliTouch® Pro technology delivers smooth and highly responsive multi-user interaction while Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, and 3G/4G connectivity keeps things remotely managed and up to date.

    The Elo I-Series is easy to deploy and maintain in heavy-use, public environments such as airports, automotive, dealerships, healthcare facilities, hotels, museums, office buildings, railway stations, restaurants and stores.

    EloView software provides simple device management, easy content delivery, and integration with existing content management systems (CMS). Hardware provisioning, content scheduling, operating times, remote monitoring, unattended updates, and usage analytics are available through the EloView secure web portal interface. Delivering content to hundreds and thousands of remote Elo touchscreens is easy as drag-n-drop to unleash your mobile app from the app store, deploy self-service kiosks, and wrap web experiences.

  • Elo unveils 55-inch 5501LT interactive digital signage display with tablet-like performance

    Elo, a global supplier of digital touchscreen solutions, recently unveiled the new 55-inch 5501LT modular interactive digital signage display, featuring 10-touch infrared capability to deliver a smooth and highly responsive multiuser interaction. The infrared touch technology provides higher touch sensitivity, giving the 5501LT a tablet-like performance on a large-format screen. The low-profile design integrates seamlessly into modern interiors for retail, office, hospitality or public space applications, and offers system integrators and value-added resellers a high-performance solution that is easy to deploy and will withstand the heavy use of a commercial setting.

    Retailers are turning to touchscreens to unite the online and in-store shopping experience and increase customer engagement, while businesses have used the technology to enhance collaboration in an office setting and increase productivity. The clear-glass 5501LT takes large-format touchscreens to the next level by including 10-touch infrared technology, auto-switching between active input sources to ease use in meeting rooms, and support for serial control input with the use of adapter cables. Additional features include a 1920x1080 full HD resolution display and a high-contrast/brightness LED-backlit LCD panel, delivering undistorted clarity, and a new video input that auto-detects the last good signal from the internal computer module or other external video sources.

    “The new 5501LT reinforces Elo’s position as the leader of innovative, large-format touchscreens that are rugged enough to withstand the heavy use of a commercial setting,” said Neeraj Pendse, director of interactive digital signage at Elo. “This combination of high-performance display and a sensitive, reliable touchscreen, further enhances what was already the broadest portfolio of interactive digital signage solutions on the market.”

    With a total thickness of 3.4 inches (87 mm), the 5501LT is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and IBC (International Business Council) compliant for wall-mounted installations. Optional, high-performance computer modules are available, which turn the 5501LT into a completely integrated all-in-one computer — without the need for any cables or additional mounting hardware. Computer modules are available in a choice of three models based on 4th Gen Intel Core processors: ECMG2B-i3 with HD4400 graphics, and ECMG2B-i5 and ECMG2B-i7, both with HD4600 graphics. The 5501LT is available to demo at SHOP Nordic, April 13-14 in Stockholm, Elo booth #C:18. For more information, visit www.elointeractive.com.