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By combining thorough IT knowledge and years of experience with specific industry processes, Centric distinguishes itself from traditional IT suppliers and administrative suppliers.

We offer Software Solutions, IT Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing and Staffing Services. Our technological solutions, administrative services and professionals enable our customers to focus on their core businesses.

Our expertise in customer journeys, sales channels and mobile applications and devices enables us to provide A-to-Z support to retailers in designing their omnichannel strategy. We also convert the requirements of retailers and their customers into concrete solutions that fit within omnichannel retailing, including (mobile) POS systems, self-scan, apps, and CRM and loyalty systems.

To tap into retailers’ need to spend more time on their core business, we offer high-quality services in areas such as remote management and service engineering, making life a lot easier for retailers. Add in our logistics systems for replenishment and warehousing, and we are a one-stop supplier for (omnichannel) retail.

Centric believes in the power of innovation as a boost for sustainable growth. By connecting professionals, partners and customers, we deliver innovative, pragmatic solutions and services that support the responsible growth of our company and enhance stability for customers and employees.

Centric has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland.