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Acon AB - Vi med berget

Acon AB - Vi med berget



Acon - We with the mountain

With great personal commitment Acon deliver functional and cost-effective IT solutions at a fixed price for companies with high IT requirements in the Nordic region. Mountain Secure IT at fixed prices is our customer promise.

Our vision is 100% availability and 0 incidents in your IT environment - it is something we daily strive against.

What is special about us

We take care of your IT at a fixed price. Our data center is one of the safest - placed 100 meters into the northern bedrock. The joy, the personal commitment and passion you will get for free.

We are very honest, sometimes we may seem annoying. But in the end we are all very pleased that we always ask ourselves if the consignment live up to our mission to deliver the right IT to the maximum value. Since we think that a close and strong relationships is important and we are fun to work with is also a part that makes us a little more special.

With Acon you can fully focus on your core business. You get the highest possible availability and security - and thanks to our fixed price, you can always keep track of costs.

Acon ensures that customers have the right IT with 100% availability, 0 incidents at a fixed price in a highly personal way.