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About the Company
RS Gruppen has very quickly become of the larger players within the Swedish and Scandinavian market for total solutions for printed and promotional goods.

We work dedicated every day with every bit within our customers’ need for printed paper, expo material, signs and vinyl and promotional goods in general.
The client base consists of primarily larger companies and industries with bigger needs for a wide range of products on a very regular basis, but we also have a lot of smaller companies ordering fewer products sporadically. All client types are very much welcome and appreciated!

Web solution
With our own web solution our clients can dramatically simplify their ordering process of or products and orders can be done from each store or user. With design online features for business cards, product flyers, display material and similar, together with a well-trimmed logistics and warehousing solution, our web solution is a perfect complement and assistance for the marketing departments. Flexible, user-friendly and cost effective.