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Wizzcom offers digital systems that combines 2D and Auto Stereoscopic 3D. Content presented on AS3D displays can be seen directly, without 3D-glasses. Since the viewer can perceive the visual message immediately, AS3D displays are useful in any public environment.

3D displays capture attention, they are powerful tools in advertising! Because 3D attracts the eyes and is natural for the brain, the viewer will interpret the message quicker and remember it for a longer time. The platform is still unusual, which increases the OBS value even more.

Our system in other words is a new and compelling platform for visual communication, for example branding, product launch & promotion, advertising, events.

Wizzcom also offers production in 2D & 3D content. We are specialized in auto stereoscopic and have produce 2D and 3D material for many well-known brands worldwide.

The system is composed of hardware on the professional level developed for non-stop usage and combined with the Wizzcom Media Player software for streaming 2D & 3D files, and the Content Management System software for managing the displays and their content through a web interface. The base system can be customized and extended, for example with metrics tool for impressions to evaluate the campaign, which makes the platform extra valuable in retail, boutiques, shopping malls etc.

Customized design of installation (casing, built-in solutions) are available to match the target environment or make the platform really “stand-out”. The display range is from 21,5 inch up to 84 inch, landscape or portrait orientation. For larger format, we can offer video wall.

Impress your customers and increase sales with aid of our exiting “2D + 3D” visual system.

Welcome to our stand N08 for some ”eyecandy”, where we demonstrate the AS3D technique.

Explore our web (http://wizzcom3d.com) and visit our online showroom to see a few content sample.

Contact us for more info or schedule a meeting with demo:
info@wizzcom3d.com , +46 701 081 600.