Seminars 11 May


Thursday 11 May

8.30 Scen 1

Michael rouse

Breakfast seminar: E-commerce Trends in The Nordics

Michael Rouse, Chief Commercial Officer, Klarna 

9.00 Scen 2

sebastian thostrup

Breakfast seminar: Watson Marketing in a Cognitve Era

Sebastian Thostrup, IBM Watson Marketing Sales Leader Nordic

Mårten Barkman

9.15 Stage 1

The Evolution of Communication

Mårten Barkman, Small & Medium Business Director Nordic, Facebook 

9.45 Stage 2

Panel discussion about the future of e-commerce

Joakim Malmberg from Salgado. Participants from Boldarc and Tourn.

Pouya boland

10.00 Stage 1

Chiquelle's success story: going from 0 to millions without any invest

Pouya Boland, CEO and Co-founder, Chiquelle.com

Jens Levin

10.30 Stage 2

Unified Commerce

Jens Levin, VD Sitoo

Mats Taraldsson

10.45 Stage 1

Fast forward to the future – digital commerce in all channels and devices 

Mats Taraldsson, Deputy General Manager, Mastercard

Emil Eriksson

11.15 Stage 2

How can you use data-driven marketing to increase your e-commerce sales

Emil Eriksson, E-commerce Specialist, APSIS

Peter Sunde

11.30 Stage 1

Peter Sunde, The Pirate Bay 

Linda Palmgren

12.00 Stage 2

Linda Palmgren, CEO United Influencers 

Sophie Soop

13.00 Stage 1

The fashion industry's structures are changing

Linda Palmgren, CEO United Influencers 

Peter Blixt

13.15 Stage 2

Welcome to The Convenience Economy. Where on-demand is being facilitated by the revolution in Last-Mile Deliveries. Are you prepared?

Piotr Zaleski, CEO, Shipwallet

Christer Pettersson

13.45 Stage 1

Dig for gold in your own digital channels

Christer Pettersson, Head of E-commerce, Arvato


Linus särud

14.00 Stage 2

How to Secure your e-commerce

Linus Särud, Security Researcher, Detectify

Ashkan Fardost

14.30 Stage 1

Everybody have misunderstood the digitization

Ashkan Fardost, Global speaker, Researcher, Entrepreneur

Pär svärdson

15.00 Stage 2

Apotea.se - the story

Pär Svärdson, CEO Apotea.se