Seminars 10 May


Wednesday 10 May

cecilia skingsley

9.00 Conference room

A new digital currency

Registration required.

Cecilia Skingsley, Vice Riksbankschef, Riksbanken

Biohax international

9.00 Stage 2

Live: Microchip implants

Jowan Österlund, Founder and CEO, Biohax International

Simon Saneback

9.15 Stage 1

The key to digital success

Sïmon Saneback, Founder & E-commerce Specialist, Wellstreet



Bengt Eliasson

9.45 Stage 2

Are you ready for tomorrow's digital commerce?

Bengt Eliasson, Industry General Manager IBM Svenska AB 



Per holknekt

10.00 Stage 1

"Kan jag, kan du, kan vem som helst"

Per Holknekt, Brand consultant



Hanna moisander

10.30 Stage 2

Borås - the Nordic centre for commerce

Hanna Moisander, E-handelsstaden Borås




11.15 Stage 2

What do Facebook know about you?

Helen Jones, Campaign Manager and Daniel Erkstam, Digital Strategist, Salgado

Alok Alström

11.15 Stage 1

How A.I. powered A/B testing of Ads is next up in boosting the impact marketing in e-commerce

Alok Alström, CCO Adclouds.io former General Manager Sweden Uber

Branding Em'

12.00 Stage 2

Employees as digital marketers

Emelie Fågelstedt, Emma Lindgren, Branding Em'

Patrik Illerstig

12.15 Stage 1

Qliro: How a strong customer focus helps you to build a modern payment and finance company with millions of customers in less than three years

Patrik Illerstig, CEO, Qliro

Anette Jarlemark

12.45 Stage 2

MTD - From digital Check-out to physical Check-in

Anette Jarlemark, MTD Morgontidig distribution

Vigor Sörman

13.00 Stage 1

How to succeed in social media with influencers

Vigor Sörman, CEO Splay Networks

Gavin dotmailer

13.30 Stage 2

You too can hit the mark and win

Gavin Laugenie, Digital Strategist, dotmailer

Chimney Group

14.15 Stage 2

How to work smart with video in digital channels + an interesting case

Henric Larsson, COO and founder, Chimney Group 

Jonas Hammarberg

14.30 Stage 1

Get digital or die trying

Jonas Hammarstrand, Awesome Group 

Nikolaj björn eriksen

15.00 Stage 2

Stock solutions for e-commerce 

Nikolaj Bjørn Eriksen, Nordic Sales Director, Kardex Remstar

Anitha Schulman

15.15 Stage 1

Social media, branding and life as an influencer

Anitha Schulman, Entrepreneur




15.30 Scen 2

GDPR's impact on e-commerce

Participants : Hans Martinsson, Empir & Johanna Persson, Magnusson Advokatbyrå