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Match2One AB

Match2One AB


11448 Stockholm

Programmatic Advertising made easy

Match2One is the next generation self-service programmatic marketing platform with global reach of inventory across Video, Display & Mobile. Allowing all marketers to turn their own data into targetable segments and actionable insights. Eliminating the barriers to enter for small, medium and independent agencies, and, reduce inefficiencies by providing one-single-view of all programmatic marketing campaigns to customers by consolidating leading demand side platforms - all in our intuitive user interface.

The market has grown in to an overly-complex landscape designed for larger budgets and enterprises. The direction of the industry growth has resulted in multiple barriers to enter for small and medium businesses and independent media agencies. Such barriers are minimum monthly investments, lengthy contracts, trading seats required. Agencies and advertisers are forced to use multiple ad-tech (DSPs) to deliver a high ROI on media spend. This is both costly and time consuming as companies need to train staff in multiple solutions, manually run campaigns across platforms, risk of cannibalising their ad-spend and manually consolidate the reporting.

We bring DMP technology together with industry leading DSPs ensuring the broadest ad inventory and most automated campaign processes in the business.

Match2One’s automated and scalable programmatic marketing solution increases marketing efficiencies and reduce complexities using data science and artificial intelligence resulting in stronger brand experiences, higher conversion rates and lower costs in a fast moving and data driven world for ALL marketers.