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BrandGate - the modern way of working!

BrandGate's marketing portal contains template-based tools for fast and professional production of printed matter and ads. The tools are collected in a customized online portal with permissions. You get a quick overview and access to all material - wherever you are.

Delegate and distribute production work without losing control! Fixed graphical profile, approval flow, customized templates adapted to user's knowledge and needs, print-ready pdfs and statistics. Could it be better?

Our systems are developed for maximum interaction and efficiency.
Define your needs and let us customize your marketing portal!


Product news

  • BG Personlize brochure tool

    Minimizes the decision-making process by providing your customers with adequate information based on their own interests!
    With this solution linked to the website, visitors can easily customize their own personal brochure. All they have to do is to mark their interests, fill out the form and download or send their personalized brochure via mejl.

    Fits all kind of brochures and catalogues, for hotels who would like to highlight entertainment or tourist attractions in combination to their own offers, destination development a.o.


  • BrandGate Marketing Portal

    BrandGate Marketing portal: The modern way of working!

    Improve your efficiency and flexibility with easy template-based tools integrated with an image bank. All in one place resulting full access and control over your material and campaigns - wherever you are. Forget hard-to-use programs, expensive licenses and templates that don't fit your needs.
    With dynamic templates with fixed graphic profile and programmed to fit the different users knowledge and needs, permissions, approval procedures and statistics you'll be able to delegate or distribute production work without losing control.
    BrandGates Marketing Portal is a time and cost saving solution that improves your work environment.