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Hello all E-Retailers!
Team SiteSmart are both developers and experts in e-commerce who focus on e-commerce solutions which increase profits.
SiteSmart offers an experienced team and full-fledged e-commerce platform with all features you should demand implemented to world-class standards. All who want to work effectively with content and campaigns without having to contact developers or advertising agency's benefit from partnering with us. We work as a team with all our e-retailers to further simplify their daily work for increased profits. SiteSmart offers support with design, SEO, knowledge and experience from hundreds of deliveries since 1997.
Visit us in our booth and let us reveal how you can take control with a new e-commerce solution.

Product news

  • New brand with a long experience and broad expertise

    SiteSmart is the name of a concept of smart tools for building and maintaining websites, e-commerce, mobile custom web and newsletter. The company behind the tool called MediaVault International and is based in Motala.

    The company has delivered web sites since 1994 and started the development of tools 10 years ago. 2008 began the journey with a brand new platform, which then was launched in 2010 with the first goal to become the best in SEO and easy to handle. The goal was reached 2011 with a first place in Jajjas annual test. Now the goal is to become one of the top choices for purchasing a new web platform.

    With a well-defined concepts and standardized tools, the customer is up and running very quickly. The combination of high flexibility, low investment, scalability, and training and support, SiteSmart is a contender for most large commercial systems, as well as "open" tools such as WordPress.

    SiteSmart's tools follow international standard for code and accessibility. The tools have all the features and offers you need to reach a good position in search engines.
    So good that we are Best in Test ..

    Visit booth C05 to see how future websites and e-commerce will be built in NEW SiteSmart 5.0.


  • SiteSmart 5.0 evolution

    New release - Site Smart 5.0 evolution web content and e-commerce tools.