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Vilkas serves and supports the merchants with a growing business by offering an easy-to-use, liable and secure environment to run their webshop in. Vilkas genuinely listens to customers and develops its services. We offer a suitable solution both to local and international trade at an affordable price.


Product news

  • New Sales Analytics app launched

    The App Store has a new Sales Analytics app which lets you look into the sales of the webshop. The sales reports give you a more exact picture of the sales and make it even easier to analyse the performance of the webshop which helps in the development and marketing of the shop. Sales Analytics gets it's sales data straight from the web shop's database which makes the numbers more exact than for example the sales reports from Google Analytics. Once the app is installed the statistics is shown retroactively from the beginning of the previous year.

    The reports show:

    - Sales volume
    - Number of orders
    - The orders' average value
    - The best selling products
    - The most loyal custmers and the customers that shop the most

    Identify your most loyal customers

    With the customer report you can easily find which customers shop most often and which customers spend the most. With this information you can for example reward your most loyal customers with a gift card or some other offer. All the reports can be exported as xslx or csv files which makes it easier to handle the information in for example Excel. The top customers' email addresses can easily be copied for example to a newsletter.

    You can install the app and start using it for free from the web shop's administration on the Apps & Themes > App Store page.


  • Vilkas launched 100% satisfaction guarantee

    Vilkas as a leading cloud-based, multi-channel supported e-commerce platform in the Nordic countries now launched a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all its new customers. At the same time Vilkas refreshed its brand by e.g. introducing a new website and logo.

    Vilkas has establsihed its position in the nordic countries, having already 1400 customers to run their webshop on the Vilkas software. According to Markku Korkiakoski, Managing Director of Vilkas surprisingly few webshops utilize the possibility to sell abroad.

    “We are facing a strong international competition and it is on the Vilkas agenda to help the nordic webshop owners to be better equiped to face the competition. We are excited to be able to help our customers to internationalize with our platform and services. We have just seen the first wave of internationalization in the Nordic countries” analyzes Korkiakoski.

    “The ecommerce business is international by nature and with the software we have developed our customers can easily sell their products to other Nordic countries and globally,” says Korkiakoski.

    Vilkas has also put emphasis on brand building in its own strategy and suggests that merchants should generally be prepared for the competition e.g. by investing in marketing.

    “Merchants have started to understand the customer experience to be one of the key elements of success in their business. Not only does the functionalities and technical usability count but also many visual elements as the look and feel of the webstore.” lists Korkiakoski.

    Vilkas practices as is preaching by investing in its own brand. Vilkas also concretized its strong expertise in eCommerce and how it benefits its customers by launching a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    “Our service is 100% trustworthy and we are proud to be able to offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if the customer is not satisfied with the functionality of our e-commerce system during the first 12 agreement months we promise the money back. We keep our promises,” says Korkiakoski proudly!


  • Farabi wants to be Scandinavia's number one in MMA equipment

    Ab Aither Oy is online with two different web shops. The shops are found on www.farabiscandinavia.com and www.tukkumyymala.fi. The company sells Farabi's MMA and fitness equipment with exclusive rights across Scandinavia.

    According to the company CEO Henrik Ås their shops have been running for about 2 years and they gradually transferred their shops to Vilkas Group during the summer of 2015.

    The webshop has evolved really well. We didn't have any expectations that the sales would explode overnight but both the amount of customers and the sales have steadily increased. The road is always long when starting a new business and especially when it involves bringing a new brand to the market, but we set our goal from the beginning that within 5 years the shop and the brand should be well known.

    The online shops have been an important tool in developing the business. Even though the main part of our sales is not yet coming from the web shops, that is what we are aiming for.

    We offer, in line with the brand promise, high quality products at competitive prices. In addition to that we have from the beginning focused a lot on our customer service which means that we always answer emails as soon as possible and send the orders the same day as far as the timing admits it.
    Constant learning

    We continuously develop our business and have learnt a huge amount of what it means to be an e-retailer during our first two years. This is why we are now pretty determined about what we want from the coming two years. Both our web shops got a completely new design and an upgrade less than a year ago when we moved them to Vilkas, but we constantly make updates and develop our shops to be even more customer friendly and easier to use.

    Our challenges are probably the same as the ones all e-retailers face. How do you get quality traffic to your pages and how do you convert that traffic to sales. It's a constant learning and takes a huge amount of time, but we move forward even with baby steps.

    "The cooperation with Vilkas Group has been brilliant. Their e-commerce solution is really easy to use compared to many other systems and the support team always helps out quickly when needed. Even though it's not always possible to get through on the phone, email always works smoothly and the answers have always been very clear when we have asked about something. We are really happy with the move to Vilkas Group and are planning to stay put, although we will probably upgrade both our shops to the enterprise level at some point." says Henrik Ås.


  • Easier to market your online shop with the new marketing service from Meedio

    Your online shop can easily become a part of Meedio! Meedio was created in order to make life easier for business owners. You can now control your marketing through a simple application, even from your mobile. Vilkas' webshops can easily be connected to Meedio so that existing and new customers can easily find your company and it's selection. It is free to join Meedio.

    Finnish companies already exist in Meedio

    All Finnish companies already have a marketing page opened with Meedio. It is free. As a Vilkas webshop you have the possibility to be one of the first to complete the content with this new kind of marketing service and show all the products from your online shop with Meedio. The product management stays the same but you will have more visibility for your products through Meedio.

    It is advisable to show up to date and effective details on Meedio. Add your opening times, pictures, vouchers, offers and products to your marketing page. This way you can build a company page that assist visitors to find interesting hints and shopping opportunities.


    Why connect your webshop to Meedio?

    With Meedio you only use one easy to use application to manage your marketing. Your online shop works as usual, just that Meedio supports you with the marketing of your products.

    Customers are directed straight to the product page in your shop from Meedio. The links to the product pages also helps to give a better search engine visibility.

    Meedio is openly in your control. A big part of Meedio's services are free of charge. You can yourself choose if you would like to use the chargable additional services.

    All Finnish companies are already in the service but by adding your products it helps you to stand out from the crowd.

    Be one of the first in the service and take advantage of the news factor!


  • Golla – Boldly International

    Golla is a thriving Finnish company whose speciality is designing fashionable bags for portable electronics. Since 1994, the products of the company have been known around the world for their high quality, colours and stylish prints.

    The online shop of Golla has been opened in the year 2013, in collaboration with Vilkas Group. The online shop is available in English and German in 17 European countries. The Supply Chain Director of Golla, Miia Humalajoki, regards internationality in e-commerce as a huge opportunity.

    “The online shop of Golla is different compared to many other online stores. Most of the online shops are selling from Finland to Finland. Golla is born international, and also internationality in e-commerce was clear from the beginning.”

    Importance Increases

    Customers benefit from the complete collection available in the online shop. The clear design of the shop represents the image of Golla and makes navigating easy.

    The online shop is for Golla more than a product distribution channel – itʼs also an important tool for building a brand. The importance of e-commerce increases all the time because the web shop is put to better use in different contexts.

    “We try out different methods, seek the right strategies for marketing. We operate in 17 countries, so itʼs not enough to invest in Finnish sales. Weʼll have to find the right ways in this kind of environment.”

    The Right Partner

    Humalajoki says that choosing the right partner is the most important thing in starting e-commerce. Itʼs also worthwhile to think about what the system should be capable of in the future.

    “Youʼll have to understand what your organisation needs and choose suitable partner and system for your organisation. Cooperation with Vilkas has been very easy. We have received well working solutions quickly.”

    Humalajoki encourages Finnish companies to international e-commerce:
    “The Finns donʼt have to be afraid of internationality.”