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Post-Truth Branding in a Digital World

Sean Pillot de Chenecey


Sean Pillot de Chenecey, consumer insights and brand strategy expert, author

In light of the global media spotlight being shone on Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, Sean Pillot de Chenecey, author of The Post-Truth Business provides a fascinating exploration of the realities that are shaping brand perceptions around the world, across every sector of industry. 

Brands are built on trust and in a post-truth world, they have a serious problem when so much of modern life is now defined by mistrust. Businesses worldwide are being affected by a catastrophic decline in trust when consumers have seen their belief in brands and institutions undermined to an incredible degree over the last few years.

Many companies appear unable, or unwilling, to deal with this alarming problem. Yet brands need to take action now, as ignoring the situation is not a coherent strategy. In his speech at DigiArenaHelsinki, Sean will clarify the situation, highlighting examples of those getting it right - and those getting it wrong - and illuminating a way forward for brand strategists and communicators.

The sectors and areas he concentrates on all link to the key overall issue of 'Post-Truth Branding in a Digital World' with dynamic examples of how ‘trust and mistrust’ affects brands, including Fake News & Disinformation, Conscious Capitalism and Brand Activism, Transparent Pricing, Blockchain enabled Provenance, the Sharing Economy, Artisan and Maker Culture, National Branding and Nation of Origin, Sustainability & the Circular Economy, and Communication Trends from a ‘Now/Next/Why’ perspective. 

(The Post-Truth Business https://lnkd.in/gKjtEg4 will be published in North America, the Middle East, Europe, Scandinavia, SE Asia, Australia, China and South Africa prior to the 2018 US Mid-Term Elections. It takes a provocative and inspiring look at how to rebuild brand authenticity and regain consumer trust in the modern business climate of scandal, fake news and disillusionment).

Four Steps To Digital Transformation Success

Warren Knight


Warren Knight, blogger, author and digital entrepreneur

Did you know that 39% of business leaders and professionals say that digital transformations have helped them generate real-time sales online?

Regardless of whether you are a sales director, business leader or marketing professional, going through a digital transformation is key to a sustainable business

I want to help you go through a successful digital transformation, to do this I’ll share the four steps to my digital transformation below, and don’t forget to join me for my DigiArena Helsinki keynote seminar at the Winter Garden and Conference Hall Fair Center on the 17th May!


Step One: Change Your Mindset

Going through a digital transformation means that you are meeting the business growth objectives head-on, and understanding the needs of the customer, as well as technology.

In doing this, you will better utilize the opportunities available in the digital marketing world.

As a business professional in Finland working in digital marketing, communications or sales; you are going to need to adopt a new mindset.

You want to change your mindset, so that you do not see a digital transformation as a threat. Everyone in the business must embrace a new ideology, and although the technology side is the exciting part where you get to understand about Artificial Intelligence, robots and Machine Learning it’s not where the real learning and development takes place.

A mindset shift is necessary, and no amount of technology will turn a business into a success without going through a significant digital mindset shift.


Step Two: Understand Technology

To find concrete solutions to maximize business opportunities, you need to do your research, and understand exactly how advanced technology works.

You may find that the same team and infrastructure you currently have in place in Finland may not be suitable for future proofing your business in the digital arena. Do your research and find out about the latest technology to help you stay one step ahead of your competitors when going through a successful digital transformation.


Step Three: Make A Plan

After making that mindset shift, and understanding technology, you now need to be as profitable as possible online, and this means having a plan/strategy for your digital transformation.

Think about the following:

●     Business vision: what does the end digital result look like?

●     Skills needed: will you need to have new employees in the business that have a strong background in digital?

●     Resources: do you have a budget in place for new technology and plans that need to be implemented?

The plan you put in place should be for the whole company. How is the company you work for going to fend off threats from digitally-savvy competitors?


Step Four: Apply Your Digital Thinking

All too often businesses think they can grow digitally with the same products and services that have made them successful thus far. As a professional that works in the digital world, you need to apply your digital thinking regardless of whether you work in sales or communications in Finland.

Design your new business model that connects with today’s digitally-savvy customer.

Now that you have read about my four steps to digital transformation success, I hope that you will join me for my DigiArena seminar on the 17th May where I will be talking about how technology disrupts sales and marketing.