Your Toolbox for Digital Marketing and Sales
Talvipuutarha & Kokoustamo Messukeskus
Helsinki, Finland
- 17/05/2018

Featured speakers

Sean Pillot de Chenecey

Sean Pillot de Chenecey
“Behavioural Trends in a Digital World”

Warren Knight

Warren Knight
"How Technology will disrupt Sales & Marketing"

Bianca Spada

Bianca Spada
“Is your brand a future social media winner”

Jan Ropponen

Jan Ropponen
"The heart is mightier than the code-Navigoi onnistuneesti läpi digitaalisen myrskyn"

Jarkko Kurvinen

Jarkko Kurvinen
”Modernin markkinoinnin kymmenen käskyä”


Your Toolbox for Digital Marketing and Sales

DigiArenaHelsinki – 17th May 2018, Winter Garden & Conference Halls, Fair Center, Helsinki

Face, omnichannels, snap, insta, bot, vlog, IoT, social selling, AI, automation, real/right time, conversion, deep learning, big data…. Themes, jargon and concepts fill the marketing world - do you keep digital marketing at the top of your trend? Now is the time to find concrete solutions and solutions to maximize business opportunities.

DigiArenaHelsinki is a sales and marketing event which will be held on Thursday 17 May 2018 and will present the latest trends, top solutions and future speeches practically and compactly in one day. DigiArenaHelsinki provides tools for creating, analyzing, measuring and developing digital marketing, with a view to productivity.

DigiArenaHelsinki brings together marketing and sales professionals and decision makers, sales managers, business and development executives, content creators, designers, developers  and trendsetters - everyone who needs information about digital changes and opportunities in marketing and sales.

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DigiArenaHelsinki Network


All marketing is soon to be digital. That is why we need more and more open co-operation between different functions, as well as an understanding of data and technologies to make marketing effective and to strongly support the company's commercial goals.

Sanna Laakkio, toiminnanjohtaja, MARK Suomen Markkinointiliitto ry

Digitalization has made the market global, has made purchasing extremely easy and offers a range of constantly evolving ways to help people make purchasing decisions. Each winning business ponders these topics. Digiarena gives this discussion a good environment for the whole team.

Marko Parkkinen, CEO, Ratkaisutoimisto Seedi

It's great to finally get a really big digital event in Finland, which also gathers all major advertising and marketing organizations together. Together, we will be able to bring a wide range of content to the event, both in the form of seminars and related events. I hope that this will become an annual event in Finland.

Birgitta Takala, toiminnanjohtaja, IAB Finland

DigiArena is for



Digital Marketing, Communications and Sales Directors and Professionals.




Professionals who work daily in the world of digital marketing and communications and who want to know how to lead it.



Business Leaders who see marketing and communication from the strategic point of view.

Participate in DigiArenaHelsinki!

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With the DigiArenaHelsinki seminar ticket, you can enjoy the full program of the event: from all speeches in the different stages as well as the free exhibitor show, workshops, afterwork and the program offered by our exhibitors.

Buy your seminar ticket from the online store. The price of the ticket is 395 e + VAT.

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Gather your colleagues and take part in the event together! For groups (over 5 people), there are special prices for seminar tickets available. Ask more:

Jari Hautala, Partnership Executive
+358 (0)400 754 765

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As a registered guest, you will be able to watch the free show of the exhibitor show, participate in worskshops, afterwork and the program offered by our business exhibitors.

Register right now to ensure fast and easy access to the event area!

We are a showcase event of the latest advances in digital marketing and sales offering cutting edge solutions from our exhibitioners and creating a turbocharged package of practical solutions for Your digital marketing objectives. Come and get efficient methods to create, analyze, measure and develop your digital marketing and sales and turn your mechanics into profit.

Our seminar program offers the visitors a wide view to the future of digital marketing together with real- life success stories and, above all, practical tools. The top professionals challenge your thinking and give you the heads up for the future campaigns, tools to tackle the unexpected and inspiration to create the uncreatable.

DigiArenaHelsinki is an event for the professionals who are willing to elevate the digital change within the organizations and get the most out of the channels you are using. We bring together the marketing and communication professionals and specialists, entrepreneurs, e-commerce professionals, C- suite decision makers, social media managers and many other professionals working in the digital field. Come meet your old contacts, create loads of new ones and network yourself to better solutions.

#nojargon #digiarenahelsinki

In DigiArenaHelsinki Toolbox

  • Brand Building with Influencers and Society
  • Digital Story Telling 
  • Social Media Trends
  • Web Analytics and Measuring your Marketing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • ePrivacy
  • Customer Service Online
  • Marketing Automation
  • Vlogging and Podcasts

Get the latest knowledge - Meet the right people – Create the campaigns and get the solutions you wanted to get. All in one day, with #noJARGON guarantee.

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DigiArenaHelsinki - 17.5.2018 Talvipuutarha ja Kokoustamo Helsingin Messukeskus


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