IPI International Packaging Institute

The International Packaging Institute IPI is recognised throughout the industry as a leading Competence Centre for packaging and was established by leading international corporations in the packaging industry, partnered by highly respected universities, and in close cooperation with industry associations and a unique pool of experts. IPI is also supported by the state of Schaffhausen and the Swiss Federal Government.

Objectives of IPI International Packaging Institute

  • To provide training of the highest quality for managers in the international packaging industry
  • To be a technological hub between the packaging industry and the packing industry as well as for the related scientific and technological institutions
  • To strengthen and widen the technological leadership position of the packaging industry in this area



Meeting challenges with the power of innovation
The list of requirements placed on packaging only grows longer! Social trends and consumer demands are constantly changing, and there's always a new government regulation to be met. Furthermore, international competition due to increasing globalisation turns the screws ever tighter.

Especially in the packaging industry, a company's ability to innovate counts among its most important competitive factors. Only those who regularly bring new products and processes to market can rise above the competition and succeed. This is why enterprises must continually grapple with the latest ideas, market trends and technical possibilities out there.

While this can be particularly challenging for SMEs, knowledge transfer and good networking help to identify opportunities for innovation early on.

With the goal of supporting SMEs in their respective regions, the Swiss cantons of St. Gallen, Thurgau and Schaffhausen launched a joint project in 2014 called "INNO-PACK.NET". The packaging industry is of such economic importance to these three cantons because of the large number of SMEs in this field.