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J. Rettenmaier & Söhne

Stand D09


73494 Rosenberg

In metal fine finishing, precision is of decisive significance. That is why in practise machines and tools are used, which develop their full potential and productivity only in close interaction with a high-quality cooling lubricant.

To separate cooling lubricants from finest metal particles and other contaminants, precoat filter systems are used in many places. A reliable filtration stands for a most consistent quality of the cooling lubricants together with long tool times.

For years, J. Rettenmaier & Söhne (JRS) has been manufacturing innovative, organic filter aids on the basis of renewable raw materials, which are used in the most diverse filtration applications as efficient, harmless and in particular cost-saving alternative to kieselguhr or perlite.

Organic filter aids are particularly economic and high-yield! In practice, their consumption can be up to 70% less in comparison to kieselguhr and perlite, which considerably reduces the sludge quantities to be disposed of and the associated oil losses.

Organic filter aids do not contain any hazardous, crystalline components and are therefore harmless from the occupational health aspect! Their fibrous structure leads to high dirt holding capacities with simultaneously long filter life. At the same time, machines and work pieces are optimally spared through the soft, non-abrasive structure.

At the maintenance 2015 new, selectively functionalised filter aids will be presented, which not only filter but also simultaneously include different added benefits (such as, for example, “flocculation” or “adsorption”) in the classic separation steps.

For the user this means that through the use of the ARBOCEL® ACTIVE or FILTRACEL® ACTIVE products in some cases multi-step processes for cooling lubricant cleaning can be carried out in a single step.

It will be a pleasure for the JRS specialists to advise you on-site about all questions concerning cooling lubricant filtration.

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