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Nyheder fra vores udstillere

Hos Michael Lundbech A/S har vi arbejdet med 3D metalprint teknologien over en årrække og ledt efter en åbning hvor virksomheden har kunnet udnytte denne. Vi er nu klar til at rådgive vores kunder...
Bjørn Thorsen A/S - Ultra Purge™ speeds up colour changes and removes carbon
Chem-Trend’s Ultra Purge™ PO extracts the material residues that can build-up in hot runner systems and cause hang up spots in injection moulded parts weeks after a colour change.
Bjørn Thorsen A/S - Bjørn Thorsen distributes new polyamide weight reduction solutions from NUREL
Lightweight materials are an important topic in the automotive industry. From the first machines and vehicles made of heavy steel, the evolution in the industry has always focused on weight reduction ...
Bjørn Thorsen A/S - Bjørn Thorsen’s offering of Lubrizol LifeScience’s medical TPUs expands
Bjørn Thorsen A/S product portfolio of medical polymers from Lubrizol LifeSciences (LLS), one of the world’s largest producers of medical grade polymers, has expanded.
Bjørn Thorsen A/S - Nordic Grafting Company A/S presents its Acti-Tech™ compatibilizers 08MA18 high flow grade
Acti-Tech compatibilizers is an innovative range of Maleic Anhydride (MAH) grafted Vistamaxx™ performance polymer. They are produced under licence of ExxonMobil Chemical allowing NGC to utilize thei...
Polykemi AB - POLYfill TOUCH
If you look for a material with the right soft touch feeling, excellent schrach resistance and sound absorbtion and with the stiffness of talcum reinforced PP please visit us in our stand.
Polykemi AB - PC/ASA with permanent antistatic function
SCANBLEND PC/ASA PAS By using conductive polymers that form an interpenetrating netwok the static dissapative property is made permanent.
Polykemi AB - POLYfill HBK
Your alternative to ABS if you need improved UV- and chemical resistance.
Polykemi AB - POLYfill HC
The new generation high performance glasfibre reinforced PP - it can compete with more expensive alternatives.
Polykemi AB - Compounderingsmästare på Plastteknik Nordic
På Plastteknik Nordic 2019 kommer vi på Polykemi att introducera ett nytt sätt att presentera våra material. Från ett urval av vårt breda produktprogram erbjuds nu även portföljer som uppfylle...
GnosjoRegion.se - PLAST – älskad, hatad och livsviktig
Av medias rubriker kan man lätt få bilden av att plast är källan till all världens miljöförstöring. Så är det inte. I vissa fall är plast det i särklass bästa alternativet för miljön. O...
GnosjoRegion.se - Nu är vårt senaste Industrimagasin här! Tema: Plast
Vårens Industrimagasin 2019 från GnosjoRegion.se är här och temat är: Plast! Företagen i Gnosjöregionen bygger ut, generationsskiftar, automatiserar och miljökompenserar. Som vanligt hittar ...
Juhl A/S - Tampoprint
Kombineret tampontryk og laser dekorering
Juhl A/S - Tampoprint
Kombineret tampontryk og laser dekorering
Safic - Alcan Nordic AB - Vamac® ethylene acrylic elastomers
New improved high temperatur properties. For more info please contact us.
Cromocol Scandinavia AB - HunterLab D25 NC Spectrophotometer
•Automated non-contact color measurement •Large Sample Area View: up to 129 cm² (20 in²) •Simple sample set up: 'Pour, Place & Measure' •Easy clean-up and maintenance •Repeatable measureme...
ANDERTECH A/S har udviklet en helt ny type VAKUUM-TRANSPORTØR (CONRADT), der forenkler håndteringen af plastgranulat. Conradt er både mindre, lettere og billigere end sammenlignelige sugere og kan ...
STEN Weighing Intelligence 4.0 – is a completely new design platform for industrial weighing systems. Everything (hardware, software, electronics) is proprietary technology. The units can work auto...
Andertech A/S - 3D-PRINTFARM
Our ADM engineers have the knowledge and expertise to match properties seen in injection molding. We are capable of replacing complex, expensive and time-consuming tooling, with fast and flexible manu...